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Free Fire has released many good updates which of course provide a lot of very good new features. Especially with How to Get Skin Aug Earthstomper Incubator Free Fire (FF), this is considered something different. Then you can just try it now, so that we can immediately have a good gift like this.

Having a good and cool weapon Skin appearance, will make your character even stronger when competing later. Because it has many advantages from the additional stat, and can make you have more power in battle.

Seeing the Free Fire June 2022 Incubator Date firsthand, it means that all of you are already prepared for what will appear next. Because the appearance of the Incubator is like this, it will definitely make the character stronger and fit the theme of the incubator weapon as well.

Especially for How to Get Skin Aug Earthstomper Incubator Free Fire (FF), you can immediately see and understand the existing process. If you already have this gift, then just use the Skin or make it the newest collection that already exists.

How to Get Skin Aug Earthstomper Incubator Free Fire (FF)

  1. Enter the Free Fire Game

    We have to enter the Free Fire game first, so we can get the Earthstomper Incubator Aug Skin now. Appears on June 15, 2022, a time period that also reaches the next 34 Days.

  2. Choose Luck Royale and Incubator

    Then you can immediately choose the name Luck Royale right now, so that you can immediately enter the Incubator right now. Later we will see our process so that we can immediately get gifts from here very easily.

  3. Do Spin to Get Skin Aug Earthstomper Incubator

    Then next we have to do the Spin first, so that we can get the Blueprint Incubator Earthstomper Free Fire right now. Do Spin 1 Times 50 Dm and 5 Times 200 Dm, this process you can try right away and you can try it right now.

  4. Exchange Blueprints and Evolution Stones If It’s Fit

    After you spin, you will receive a Blueprint and Evolution Stone right now. That will allow you to exchange one with an existing Skin Incubator, you will immediately have a gift which is really cool.

  5. Skin Incubator Aug Enter Weaponary Features

    If you have received the Aug Incubator gift, then go in the Weaponary Feature so we can find it too. Now look for an Aug weapon and you can just use it right away, as one of the cool Skins that you can get with this cool appearance.

Of course, with the presence of a Skin Incubator like that, it will make you even more excited. It’s definitely a cool appearance that makes Aug weapons stronger, you have to use them better so you don’t lose easily to the enemy.

So that you don’t get confused, first try to find out a Skin Incubator Aug Earthstomper Free Fire that has appeared now. So that you can also immediately try it yourself and start determining what kind of skin we will use in the game later.

Because for How to Get Skin Aug Earthstomper Incubator Free Fire (FF), it’s easy as long as we have diamonds before that. As an opportunity to have a gift like this, it feels very easy for you to have it as a new addition too.

Then the appearance of the Free Fire Spin Hockey Tips, giving you the opportunity to get the main Skin prize even easier. Because by using these tips, your chances will be even greater.