The Indonesian team won the top 3 in PMPL SEA SPRING 2022 – Esportsku

PMPL SEA SPRING 2022 has ended, the Vietnamese team D’Xavier won the tournament after fighting for 3 days from 10 – 12 June 2022 and firmly at the top of the standings followed by the Vampire Esports and RRQ Ryu teams.

The offline tournament held in Malaysia has not been able to bring Indonesia to the title of king of Southeast Asia. Indonesia has sent 3 teams to participate in PMPL SEA SPRING 2022, from the top 3 of PMPL ID Season 5, ION Esports, EVOS Reborn, RRQ Ryu.

The tournament with a prize pool of $150.00 is the most prestigious tournament in the world of PUBG Mobile Southeast Asia. Because PUBG Mobile is the biggest game developed in the Southeast Asia region. Even though Indonesia can only achieve a maximum in the top 3, it deserves appreciation.

The Indonesian team won the top 3 in PMPL SEA SPRING 2022

The Indonesian team only managed to achieve maximum results in the top 3 by the RRQ Ryu team. For the PMPL ID Season 5 ION Esports champion, he had to settle for the 14th position and the 8th position for the Evos Reborn team.

Although the RRQ and Evos teams managed to win WWCD a total of 4 times, this was not enough to bring home the PMPL SEA SPRING CHAMPIONSHIP 2022 trophy to Indonesia.

RRQ Ryu is in 3rd position with 166 points with 3 WWCDs while EVOS Reborn is in 8th position with 135 points and 1 time WWCD while ION Esports is in 14th position with 111 points without WWCD.

Team RRQ Ryu managed to bring in a prize of $16,500 in 3rd place while Evos Reborn in 8th place brought a prize of $6,500 and ION Esports in 14th place brought $2,500. Prizes also increase if you get a WWCD of around $500 for each Match. Plus RRQ Nerpehko managed to get MVP with a total prize pool of $3,000.

That is an explanation of the Indonesian team participating in the PMPL SEA SPRING 2022 tournament. Although the results are not satisfactory, it is something to be proud of.