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After Google failed to acquire the live streaming video service Twitch from Amazon, it’s finally about to launch YouTube Gaming today. That way Google will compete with Amazon to attract gamers around the world.

The launch of YouTube Gaming was revealed last June. We need to know, currently Twitch is Gamers’ 1-1 live streaming service. So YouTube Gaming from Google has a great opportunity to attract Gamers from there, but of course it has to be better.

The YouTube Gaming service will support gamers around the world who want to live stream so that the action of the game can be seen by the public.

The Twitch site is a live streaming video service for gamers playing or watching other people’s games live that provides a comment field for viewers to comment on the games they see. That way you’ll be able to see and comment on how the game is going.

YouTube Gaming Google claims that they will have over 25,000 game pages when they first launch. The hallmark of Google services is that services can be customized according to user preferences, habits and also based on the track record of frequently watched videos, as well as YouTube Gaming. With a service like this, it is likely that users will find it much easier to find their best online games.

Not only that, Google will also immediately launch a mobile application for YouTube Gaming to get as many viewers as possible and will be available on the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.

Indonesian Mobile Game Industry Worth IDR 2 Trillion

Indonesian Mobile Game Industry Worth IDR 2 Trillion

Not surprisingly, Google has the desire to acquire Amazon’s live streaming service Twitch. Just look at my subtitles above, so of course if Google is able to master video game streaming through YouTube Gaming, there will be many benefits for them.

Indonesia has been named the country with the fastest mobile game development in Southeast Asia. Through mobile games, Indonesia is a very profitable game market potential. This argument is proven by a 2015 report which revealed that the mobile game industry in the country has an estimated market value of IDR 2 trillion only from mobile games.

With the huge potential for the game business, it is likely that Indonesia will become a ‘golden tree’ for the world’s mobile game industry companies. Because only from mobile games the achievement can be US $ 200 million within 2 years, not PC games, etc.

Since Android smartphones have become a trend for playing games, the existence of game consoles has begun to fade, and various types of mobile games are increasingly mushrooming on various OS. This is because technology is advancing and smartphone users are growing rapidly.

Are you interested in getting into the gaming business, Indonesia is the country with the largest population in Southeast Asia, at least for now with a total of about 255 million people and active internet users reaching 72.7 million. And Indonesia has a total of 308 million mobile connections for cellular devices.

As the best advanced gaming technology develops, the Indonesian gaming industry will continue to grow bigger and bigger. Especially now that fast internet is also supported to play online games with 4G. Fast internet will have a big impact on the mobile game industry because online games also require a good connection.

This golden opportunity was also utilized by Chinese and Indonesian mobile game industry players at the China-Indonesia Mobile Game Conference which was held for the first time in Jakarta. They also meet each other, share knowledge and expand networking for the better progress of the mobile game industry.

The China-Indonesia Mobile Game Conference is an annual event held by the China-ASEAN Mobile Internet Industry Alliance (CAMIA) in collaboration with Baidu Indonesia. Prior to holding the conference in Indonesia, CAMIA had held several similar activities such as China-Thailand Matchmaking on Mobile Games and Mobile Applications in Bangkok, last July.