Short Tutorial Role and Specialty Hero Mobile Legends

When playing games there must be a Guide or Tutorial on the game site that can make it easier for you to learn the game but sometimes people don’t want to read the Guide and just play the game right away without knowing the purpose of each Role or Hero used by the Player, of course this is can make you burden the team who already know the game in the game.

But you also don’t need to rush into playing the game because you read the Guide more first so you understand the game you are going to play, such as the Role and Specialty of every existing Hero, so you will play professionally, not just playing Hero.

Here I share Short Tutorials and Tips based on my experience so if it’s not too good in disclosure, I apologize and please correct me if something is wrong.

Mobile Legends Short Tutorial


First I will discuss about the Role in Mobile Legends, the purpose of this Role is the type of Hero that you will use and there are 6 Hero Roles namely marksman, fighter, assassin, mage, tank, and support.

Each Role that you use of course has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you read to the end to better understand what is meant by Role Hero.


Marksman is a hero role that has a wide range when attacking plus damage, this one role is often contested by the Players even though it is better to leave this role to the good ones because if you try it will make the Team lose, especially if you want to win .

This role must be guarded by Tanks or Support often because it is easy to be ambushed by enemy Assassins or Fighters, but if during the late game, this role must be watched out for because the damage is very painful and you also have to farm often so you can level up quickly.


Fighter is a tough hero role and has excellent skills and can even maintain his own line, this one role is very good for fighting opposing heroes at close range and ganking and being able to keep Marksman when he is in trouble, of course it can be for Roaming.

However, to use Fighter you have to be patient when fighting difficult heroes like Marksman or Assassin because they have damage and agility and therefore Fighters must be supported by Mage in order to make it easier to kill difficult heroes.


Assassin is a hero role that is used for finishing or execution to kill opponents easily when their blood is low, playing in this role you have to be good at secretly or hide to kill the opponent’s Hero because it has a defense that is not good when openly against the enemy although it has considerable damage.


Tank is a role hero who has a duty to keep the Team from dying quickly, in short, ready to sacrifice, even though sometimes friends when playing do not appreciate this role because they have to continue to be patient in keeping the Team from dying and helping to kill the opponent’s hero with their skills but don’t worry. because this role has a strong defense so it doesn’t die quickly but depends on build too.


Mage is a role hero whose job is to kill enemies and protect teammates with high magic damage can easily kill enemies or protect teammates with the magic skills they have such as Aurora, Kadita and others.

But this role is easy to ambush, especially if the hero has a slow movement speed, the tank must be closely guarded and don’t leave it alone because it won’t die quickly.


Support is a hero role whose job is to help the team when they are in war and replenish the blood of teammates during the war, but sometimes Support often kills enemies rather than other roles because large damage can be obtained with the right build items.


Second, if you have already discussed about Role Hero, now we are discussing Specialty Hero. There are 9 Specialty Heroes namely Charge, Burst Damage, Damage, Push, Reap, Regen, Poke, Crowd Control, Initiator.

Specialty is a special ability of a hero’s skill. To make it easier to understand, this Specialty is the most prominent aspect of a hero.

Specialty also makes it easier for you to choose the right hero. For example, you want to use a hero who can attract opponents, then you have to choose a hero with the Initiator specialty.


Charge is a specialty hero who has skills to make it easier for them to move from one place to another quickly. Usually these skills are useful for initiation, chasing enemies, or for escaping.

Burst Damage

Burst Damage is a specialty hero that can inflict enormous damage in a short time on enemy heroes.


Damage is a specialty hero that can do continuous damage even though the damage is not big enough, so the special Damage hero can continue to repay his opponent without stopping with his skills.


Push is a specialty hero who can clear lanes quickly like cleaning minions and towers to the end, this hero with special push is very good for making enemies difficult because enemies will focus on their towers so it will be difficult for enemies to war.


Reap is the specialty of this hero devoted to killing the opponent’s hero by trashing the kill using their ultimate skill because it has a long range to kill enemies who try to escape from this hero.


Regen is a specialty that makes it possible to restore the team’s HP if it is reduced by skill, so there is no need to use the Healing Spell again if there is a Regen hero role.


Poke is a specialty that allows you to repay the opponent’s blood with their skills. Poke itself has a cooldown that is somewhat faster so it can repay the opponent’s blood to the root.

Crowd Control

Crowd Control is the specialty to stun the opponent’s hero with their skills and which will definitely get more assists because Crowd Control will usually look for gaps to open war with their skills.


Initiator is a specialty tasked with teamfights by pulling enemies into their team area such as when hit by a Franco or Zilong hook, the team must be ready to help so that the enemy immediately dies when hit by the Initiator.

That’s the Short Tutorial that I discussed about Roles and Specialty Heroes in Mobile Legends, if this article is useful, you press the share button and share it with your friends.