selfies; Retina Flash Apple Vs Screen Flash Oppo

Want to take selfies using Apple’s Retina Flash or Oppo’s Screen Flash?

As you know, last Wednesday the Retina Flash feature was introduced by Apple. The feature designed for the front camera with a 5 MP sensor on the iPhone will provide a True Tone flash to improve the quality of taking selfies. According to Apple, the flash will automatically adjust the level of color balance to improve the results of a more natural skin tone.

In the happy situation of some iPhone fans for the arrival of Apple’s Retina Flash feature, Oppo suddenly mentioned their claims about Screen Flash, a feature from Oppo for selfie photos as well. Through a Facebook social network account, Oppo India said that the technology is very similar to that of Oppo’s which has the name Screen Flash, which essentially gives light from the smartphone monitor to make selfies clearer, even in a very dark place. According to Oppo, before Apple introduced Retina Flash, they already had the Screen Flash technology used on the Oppo R7; Oppo R7 Plus; Oppo R7 Lite and Oppo Mirror 5.

It seems that Oppo wants to take a little credit from the encounter of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus which will certainly grab the attention of many gadget admirers. The message from Oppo India via Facebook seems to emphasize that Screen Flash seems to be currently being used by Apple and has another name, Retina Flash. The article also shows a description for comparison on Screen Flash and Retina Flash.

A habit that has become not uncommon for smartphone admirers around the world. For some reason, when Apple introduces a new iPhone, there are always others who make fun of the Cupertino company. But what is clear is that Oppo’s mistake is not to introduce Screen Flash technology better to sophisticated smartphone users. In the end, now people are much more aware of Retina Flash on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus than Oppo with Screen Flash which came first.

But in the business world of gadget technology, specifically regarding this sophisticated phone, there will continue to be a battle to win the hearts of users and maintain them. Starting from Android for each of the latest models from the best cellphone brands. And also iOS vs Android, which are often ridiculed and the latest features of the new iPhone are also often found in the Advanced Android Hp Application. Even so, the decision to buy remains in the hands of the user, he will consider the cheapest price, the best specifications and features, the latest or others.