Price Specifications of Smartfren Andromax 4G LTE Cellphones

Latest Technology, Mifi Smartfren 4G LTE Can Be Used 32 Gadgets

At first the mobile wifi device could only store about 5 gadget device connections, optimally it could reach 12 device connections. But after the presence of 4G LTE mobile wifi network technology, it can be used to reach 32 gadgets at the same time.

Mifi that can be connected with these many devices are the two Smartfren series Andromax M2P and Andromax M2Y devices which are already equipped
Smartfren 4G LTE network.

The 2nd Andromax Mifi 4G LTE connection has the power of LTE Cat 4 type. Similar to the network standard for other Andromax 4G LTE smartphones, this Mifi LTE band can run on the TDD 2,300 MHz spectrum and FDD on the 850 Mhz frequency.

Apart from acting as a modem, these two Mifis have different additional benefits. Andromax M2Y series, can be used for wireless storage with a micro SD slot up to 32 GB that it has. Meanwhile Andromax M2P can be used for wireless sharing via the application interface.

My link M2Y application for Andromax M2Y and Hi Link Apps for Andromax M2P which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Both of these devices can have a longer working time. The M2Y has a larger battery, which is 2,000 mAh. Apart from that, the M2P has a 1,500 mAh battery.

Andromax Smartfren Price

Andromax M2Y and M2P are priced at 399 thousand, for the first 1 million consumers. That price includes a bonus package of 4.5 GB of data. Unlike the Smart HP Internet package, this MiFi device Internet package has an attractive offer with a quota of 19GB, with only Rp. 100 thousand per month to top up. 12 months long..

Hp Smartfren Andromax Is The Most Complete Smartphone But Affordable Cheap Prices And Many Choices

Unlike other cellular operators in Indonesia, Smartfren has innovative ways to boost the various services offered, especially internet data services.

Working with several mobile device vendors, they launched their own line of smartphone and tablet products. And the most reliable by Smartfren is the Andromax smartphone series.

Smartfren’s achievements with Andromax deserve to be reckoned with. in th. In 2014, Smartfren claimed to have successfully sold 28 million Andromax units and became number two in the Indonesian smartphone market, following Samsung.

Entering the 4G LTE service period, Smartfren is also responsive by launching 5 Andromax series, namely Andromax R, Q/Q1, Ec and Es.

Low Prices, Complete Andromax 4G LTE

Andromax 4G LTE cellphones are equipped with two sim card slots, one special Smartfren card slot and another slot can be used for GSM cards so that in one Andromax cellphone customers can use GSM and CDMA at the same time.

And don’t miss the Smartfren CDMA card, it also supports fast 4G LTE internet data connectivity service.

Andromax can be called a 3 in 1 handset. One Andromax 4G LTE handset can run on CDMA + GSM and 4G LTE.

Smartfren Andromax 4G LTE Is Not Just a Speed ​​Problem

Currently, Smartfren’s 4G LTE service has officially been released from the trial system, it can be tasted by means of commercialization by users on the Internet in Indonesia.

Based on the results of a drive test carried out in Surabaya in July 2015, the average speed of Smartfren’s 4G LTE network service successfully penetrated the figure of 20-30 Mbps for download and 3-4 Mbps for upload.

Andromax 4G LTE speed or speed is not everything. Network stability and the benefits of fast internet offered by 4G LTE service are the main things.

The trend is 4G LTE for video streaming. For a standard HD video content only requires a speed in the range of 2 Mbps. The main thing is the stability of the network on offer.

Smartfren’s 4G LTE network runs over the frequency spectrum of 850 MHz and 2,300 MHz. Smartfren also uses two different 4G LTE technologies on each of these frequencies. Smartfren uses 4G LTE type FDD network technology on the 850 MHz frequency spectrum. While for the frequency of 2.300 MHz, Smartfren uses TDD technology.

Smart plan Limitless 4G LTE Advance

This Smartfren 4G LTE Advanced network offers the highest and widest mobile data speed. Traveling above the 850 MHz and 2,300 MHz frequency spectrum, 4G LTE-Advanced technology is expected to benefit people and boost Indonesia’s economic development.

4G LTE Advanced technology will open many opportunities for our customers and after that accelerate the Information and Communication Technology Industry as the backbone for Indonesia’s economic development.

To complement the presence of the Smartfren 4G LTE Advanced network, Smartfren introduced the ‘Smartplan Limitless’ service. A data package that provides a new experience for customers when using 4G LTE devices. With this Limitless feature, even though the 4G LTE quota has run out. You can continue to surf until the end when the package applies at the appropriate speed.

The price of the data package that you can set starts from Rp. 50,000. Various multimedia activities together with Smartfren 4G LTE Advanced can run best and smoothly from streaming, playing online games, video conferencing to using cloud storage facilities. If you choose the Rp 60,000 package, you have a 4 GB data package and 1000 minutes of voice on net.

For the purchase price of larger data packages such as 100 thousand and 150 thousand, you will have SmartMusic, SmartVideo and SmartCloud content.

4G LTE-Advanced enables Smartfren customers to easily speed multimedia streaming, cloud storage + on-line gaming as well as video calls and conferencing. Not just speed but stability in using 4G LTE is also obtained.

Also as an interest to customers, Smartfren also offers interesting benefits by upgrading to LTE service. The process is very easy and simple. Customers can send SMS with keyword ‘LTE’ to 6046 or connect to www. smartphone. com/4G. If you want to ask a question right away, you can visit the closest smartphone gallery.