Price Specifications for the New AsusPro Essential P2420 Laptop

Not tempted by smartphone products that are increasingly in demand and market conditions that continue to be warm with advanced technology carried by each manufacturer, Asus still exists with its core business as a computing company. The three newest Asus products in the notebook and desktop segments have been released today through AsusPro.

The three latest Asus products are supported by Intel Core V generation and Intel Core Generation 4 processors. And the three AsusPro models are not only designed to be strong, but also have good data protection, security, and stability. Three of them are AsusPro D810MT Desktop, AIO ET2311 Desktop and AsusPro Essential P2420.

The three new Asus models are made to meet the needs of each, business, education and retail at varying prices.

Asus laptop specifications high spec, best quality 2015

Like the news above, now Asus has added a new laptop model in the AsusPro notebook line. This new Asus laptop is the AsusPro Essential P2420, which has the cheapest price starting from 5 to 8.5 million..

In addition to a good design, the latest AsusPro is also a high-spec Asus laptop, because it presents specifications that are quite promising for user needs. It is reinforced by the presence of 5th generation Intel processors and is equipped with Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit; DVD Writer; 1x HDMI port and 1x VGA port.

In addition, it is also equipped with fingerprint reader capabilities, to add to the information security system on the AsusPro Essential P2420 Laptop. This great new Asus laptop also has more ports than the best notebook brands.

Specifications Asus Pro Essential P2420 carries a 14.0 inch screen with a large resolution of 1,366 x 768 PX plus Anti Glare. The new AsusPro Essential P2420 notebook brings Intel HD Graphics 5500 graphics; NVDIA GT920 2G VRAM, coupled with camera equipment + VGA webcam (P2420SA) and HD Webcam (P2420LI).

By having a notebook design as well as qualified innards specifications, the Note book Essential P2420 is also a durable laptop. Plus the new AsusPro Essential P2420 laptop has passed more severe tests, such as; includes drop tests, notebook hinge durability tests and panel pressure tests. So it’s not wrong if this Asus notebook is the toughest laptop.

The price of this latest cheapest Asus laptop, all under 10 million and also varies; for AsusPro P2420 notebook models starting from Rp. 5 million (P2420SA); IDR 6.4 >> (P2420LA) and the price of a laptop is 8.5 million for the P2420LI model.

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