Normal Price Gaming Notebook 15 Acer E5-552G

Acer’s latest gaming notebook is supported by an AMD processor, namely the sixth generation Carrizo A-series APU processor. When compared to competing laptops at the same level, the Acer E5-552G special gaming notebook series has more advantages, processor performance on Acer Laptops supported by the latest AMD Carrizo is higher and laptop batteries are more efficient.

Gaming Notebook

To deliver realistic-looking gaming audio, the latest gaming-only laptop E5-552G is equipped with Acer True Harmony technology that combines hardware and software harmoniously to provide more vibrant audio quality, deeper bass and less distortion.

Apart from that, the Acer gaming laptop is also supported by Acer BlueLight Shield technology so that it reduces the blue light emission from the LCD so that the effects of Computer Vision Syndrome such as eye fatigue can be reduced.

With an AMD Radeon R8 graphics card, this gaming-only notebook offers AMD looking glass, faster performance, gesture control and is ready for Windows 10 as well as 2 times the power efficiency using Windows 10 OS.

Normal Acer Notebook Price

Even though the rupiah has reached Rp. 14,000, Acer Laptop admits that it doesn’t want to increase the price yet. This is supported by Thoriq Husein Public Relations Manager of Acer Indonesia who said that until now there has been no price increase.

Acer currently has nothing to add. But they have not been able to assure the price of the laptop will increase or not. What is certain is that until now the price of acer notebooks is still normal.

However, Thoriq believes that by continuing to focus on Acer’s product design for laptops, there are many enthusiasts even though the current value of the rupiah against the dollar is very weak. Moreover, the segmentation of cheap gaming laptops and Windows 10 upgrades. Sales of Acer Notebooks are also claimed not to be influenced by the presence of other devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The gaming laptop market may be sluggish with the dollar’s rise. But until now sales of Acer laptops are still normal, we have our own market unlike smartphones and tablets. Gaming notebooks cannot be connected because so far there are quite a lot of gamers in Indonesia.

Acer itself officially launched a new series of good gaming notebooks, the Aspire E5-552G with two variants. One variant with 4GB of memory and the price of this Acer gaming laptop is Rp. 999. 000, – for the 2 GN memory game notebook variant, the price is Rp.7. 199. 000,-.