New Technology Samsung Smart TV + Monitor Display

Easy Shopping With Samsung Smart TV

Samsung launched a new program. You can immediately make transactions via Samsung TV. To use the payment service via smart TV, three steps are required.

How to purchase using Samsung Smart TV

First select the item to be purchased.
Then press the ‘pay now’ button then enter your PIN. Third, you can choose the type of mobile bill you want, from Major credit/debit to PayPal or other cards.

With Samsung Smart TV you can buy some games. For now, these include Deer Hunter, Buddy & Me and Golf Star and will be followed by other new games. This Samsung smart TV service will be launched in 32 countries. It’s just that for now the launch has not yet been determined.

Samsung also includes a virtual keyboard to protect the security system of user data, such as credit card information, personal data and very private data.

Samsung Display Monitor

Samsung Display Monitor

In addition to the new Samsung TVs above, Samsung is also developing professional display technology so that it is not only for business and industrial purposes. Samsung through its advanced monitor product, Samsung Smart Signage is also targeting the education sector to replace blackboards in schools.

The teaching and learning system that is commonly done with a blackboard can be replaced with a monitor display. Head of Samsung Display Willy Bayu Santosa claims such a learning step can be more interactive.

Pupils can bring tablets to school. So students can immediately ask the teacher via the tablet, the teacher can immediately give assignments to the students on the Samsung Display. Not only that, even the Samsung whiteboard can also be connected to the internet.

That kind of thing because of the Built-in WiFi module that plugs into the professional display. That way you can control, transfer, power up and share and schedule content from displays to other digital devices without the need for physical cables.

When an example is shown, a line is ‘scraped’ on the monitor display, it is immediately visible on the connected tablet monitor.

Besides being useful for schools, this monitor display can simplify the meeting system in the company. Meeting participants are also easier to make revisions if there is incorrect data.