New Cheap Xiaomi Laptops Coming Soon

Xiaomi has succeeded in proclaiming its brand as one of the most important cellphone manufacturers in the world, but lately Xiaomi seems to be expanding their business, not only in the cellphone market, but also in the laptop market.

Xiaomi itself is reportedly considering its first portable PC or Xiaomi laptop, and this portable PC is expected to be introduced in early 2022. On the other hand, the report also says that the manufacturer from the Bamboo Curtain Country is also talking to Samsung to work together to supply memory chips.

Apart from that, it is possible that the partner will also venture into monitor distribution in the future. However, the issue about Xiaomi laptops has not been provided in more detail, and has even led to the question of how the impact of Xiaomi computers on the market can destabilize the markets of Apple, Google and Microsoft.

However, Xiaomi is not a manufacturer that can be considered easy to beat, it can be proven by the fact that Xiaomi’s cellphone has been known to the world. If Xiaomi really makes a laptop, then it’s likely that Xiaomi will make a Xiaomi laptop backed by the best hardware at competitively low prices, like what he did on Xiaomi cellphones.

Xiaomi will make Xiaomi laptops supported by the best hardware at competitive low prices, just like what he did on Xiaomi cellphones

As is known, before Xiaomi talkatively plunged into the world of computing, Xiaomi first penetrated other devices such as tablets | smartTV | wearables | power bank | headphones and even an air cleaner.

Xiaomi Makes Its Own CPU To Sell Cheaper Cellphone Prices

Xiaomi is willing to squeeze the selling price of its cellphone so it’s cheaper. In order to achieve this, Xiaomi will upgrade its own processor to cut the cost of CPU components that have so far been purchased through third parties.

That desire is predicted to roll Xioami in th. front. They plan to produce two latest chipsets with different types.

The two chipsets are divided into SoC variants that power low-end smartphones, such as Redmi. In addition, Xiaomi will make chipsets that support the performance of mid-end smartphones, such as the Mi Note and other Mi handsets.

Xiaomi’s hope is to make the price of low-end smartphones cheaper. While for mid-end devices, of course the price is more affordable.

Xiaomi will make an octa-core CPU in 2022. As for the more premium types of cellphones, the news is that chips from third parties will still be supported, such as Qualcomm. However, there are no detailed specifications about the chip until now.