How to take good care of your laptop so that it lasts

How to take care of a laptop so it doesn’t get damaged quickly

A good laptop is one that has high specs, because it’s clear, it’s certain that the performance will be better than the specs below, as well as graphics and other features. But if we talk more broadly, the best laptop is one that is well-maintained, durable and suitable for use, for example low specs, it is sufficient to support school activities. But if you want to play heavy games, of course you will need the best gaming laptop with higher specs.

When almost everyone needs the best laptop, to handle learning tasks at school, office workers and private / work at home to as a means of channeling hobbies. Although there is much that can be done with this sophisticated device, few know how to take care of a laptop so that it lasts. So there’s nothing wrong, in the spare time you have, use it to take care of it, so that the laptop doesn’t get damaged quickly.

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As a device that is supported by hardware and software, of course there are many ways to repair a laptop. But the cause of laptop damage is often only because of 1 problem and finally the computer, your notebook is damaged quickly. Durability and whether or not the best laptop is not absolute because the price is the cheapest or the most expensive, especially how to use and care for it.

Below are brief tips so that the laptop is not easily and quickly damaged prematurely.

  • How to care for a laptop to make it durable Plus more durable. Also learn how to keep your laptop from overheating.
  • Avoid strong pressure or putting and dropping objects on your favorite laptop.
  • Avoid and keep your laptop away from areas that contain magnets.
  • Secure the laptop ventilation holes when in use, so that heat is not excessive which causes damage. At least the laptop will turn itself off because it’s too hot.
  • Do not occasionally press the laptop screen without a definite purpose, to avoid damage to the screen, at least a black dot or 2-striped screen will appear.
  • Avoid the habit of putting the laptop in an uneven place, when in use or not.
  • Avoid using the laptop in an open place that is in direct sunlight.
  • Avoid the habit of fiddling with the battery connector and keep your best laptop away from unattended children, also about unstable USB usage should also be avoided.
  • Don’t get into the habit of closing that fine laptop hard nor bringing it just right on the screen.
  • Avoid the cause of laptop corrosion by keeping it away from dusty places and chemicals.
  • Never and try to spray Water directly on the screen, including any other type of cleaning fluid.
  • Avoid using and storing laptops in humid places that have extreme temperature changes, such as all types of heaters and air conditioners.
  • Avoid using the laptop when it is raining lightning and still connected to electricity.
  • Use a special bag when traveling, and avoid putting it in the trunk.
  • Avoid being forced to use applications and software that are not suitable.
  • The last tip is to limit the use of the laptop to a maximum of 5 hours. This is important so that your best laptop is more durable, because it needs a break to cool the processor and other laptop components.

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