How to Make Your Own Simple Android Game

The 3 best software to make your own games on your cellphone

Games on Android phones are currently running out of memory space. Yes, yes, because almost all the games we like are directly downloaded, ranging from the simple ones to the best games. With so many cool Android apps and games, of course, some of you are curious and want to learn to make your own games.

Here Admin will share a few ways and tutorials on how to make a simple game on your Android phone. Through this article you will know how to easily make your own game, along with some tutorials on how to make it.

Playing homemade games will definitely be a different new experience, and you can also test your creativity. In addition to honing skills in the game world, which is not only able to play, later you can also look for income / just passive income from the best games that you make yourself.

Ok! For others, we will continue in a different article, so that there are not too many pleasantries 😀 . How to make simple games on this Android phone is to use software, so first we must first identify the software to make games. And because the game we are going to make is a simple game, here I recommend game maker software for beginners, aka without knowledge of programming or coding languages, etc.

1. Stencyl

The base of this game maker is very flexible, because it can also be installed on several OS smartphones and laptops, in other words this simple game can be used in multi-device, can be played on iOS | Android and others.

The means of exporting to a swf file so that it can be moved on a web browser, best via Adobe Flash player or HTML 5, makes our best game creations easily published, played and maybe even marketed.

If you are interested in getting started, you can learn a free step-by-step tutorial from the most basic to the most advanced on the official Stencyl website called Stencylpedia, to be precise on the http://www. stencil. com

2. Game Maker

Like the game makers in point one, this best simple game can be run via Windows OS or Mac OS and how to use it is also enough to just drag & drop.

Like the game makers in point one, this best simple game can be run via Windows OS or Mac OS and how to use it is also enough to just drag & drop. But the advantage of this game can be made in 2D or 3D.

Initially this game maker was developed by Mark Overmars using Delphi programming and now the base is being developed and popularized by the software company YoYo Games.

In addition to the easy feature presentation by drag & drop, this game can be further developed into a professional game if desired.

The game maker programming language made by YoYo Games itself called the GML (Game Maker Language) language will provide flexibility for professional game developers to improve their games without any limits.

Immediately, if you are interested in improving this good game, just grab the game making software on the http://www page. yoyogames. com/gamemaker/studio/free, while the official tutorial can be followed here https://wiki. yoyogames. com/index. php/GameMaker

3. Salad Games

3. Salad Game This game machine was originally developed to make games for several Mac OS applications, best for iPhone, iPad and the like.

This game engine was originally developed to make games for several Mac OS applications, best for iPhone, iPad and the like. But now the game can also be run on Windows for some of the best Android game developers.

Game Salad provides a basic template that we can develop, but it is also possible if we want to make and assemble our own from scratch, this type can also be done quite easily.

If you work a lot as a seller of templates or other simple game assets, this platform might be more appropriate to use. Apple’s official market called the App Store can be a marketing medium for the creations of templates and games that you make yourself and this market has become the largest online application market in the world.

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As with some of the previous discussions, this base can be said that no programming power is needed in making the best games. All of them are just drag & drop, and only need the arrangement of properties in the form of very general meanings.

A series of imaginations may have been thought to be sufficient to enhance the game on this basis. This machine game software can be obtained for free on the official web at http://gamesalad. com and the tutorial is basically here http://cookbook. salad games. com/ tutorials

From a series of fairly interactive and very user-friendly game development platforms, the world of creativity in a combination of art and technology will be very inclusive and open.

Can be used by anyone and used in any part with the cutting edge called creativity. Happy expression with games.
And after that you can follow the game maker’s designs for those of you who are still beginners (beginners) in game making.

Don’t Forget To Use A Dedicated Android Tablet For The Best Games

The 3 software above is an easy way for beginners who want to learn to make their own simple games. If you can make the best games via the 3 tools above, you can still learn a lot about how to make games, by getting to know more sophisticated software and learning the game programming language. OK! Good luck…

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