How to Install Android 5.0 Lollipop OS on a Laptop

How to install Android applications and games on a laptop is quite easy. So you definitely know the Android OS, which in recent years has become the prima donna of Internet users. Well, before you can install Android Apps and Games on a laptop, you must first install the Android OS.

Through the emulator you will be able to run Android applications on a laptop. Windows computers and tablets. In this article, I will introduce an emulator called AMIDuOS. Through this emulator you can run Android Lollipop + as well as full access to the Google Play Store on Windows laptops.

AMIDuOS is still one of the best Android emulators for old Windows PCs, at least for the time you are reading this article. 😛 . AMIDuOS actually only supports Android KitKat, but for Android Lollipop the beta was released some time ago. And good news for those of you who want to know how to install Android on a laptop / PC, currently Android Lollipop from AMIDuOS is no longer in beta, in other words it has been released from the trial stage.

Ok! still interested? if you are still interested in having this AMIDuOS software you have to prepare a budget of $ 15, but if you still think you can also try to install Android applications or games for free for 30 days, after this your AmiduOS will no longer work.

And now to the next step, I’m sure you will have no difficulty in doing ‘How to install Android Lollipop’ using the AMIDuOS emulator, it’s quite easy and practical and only once you install it you get dual-boot Android with Play Store access on your windows laptop. AMIDuOS is only supported or can run on Windows 7-8 and 10. Now let’s move on to how to install it.

6 Easy Steps How to Make an Android Laptop

6 Easy Steps How to Make an Android Laptop

1. First visit the AMIDuOS official site, then download and then install.

2. Enable virtualization (optional)

Step 2 is important for you to know, so that the program runs properly, switch to enable virtualization. The first way is to enter the BIOS setup by rebooting the computer by pressing F10, Del or Escape (can be adjusted to your system). Then just select enable Virtualization Technology which is located in System Configuration.

3. Download Google Apps

After the AMIDuOS install process is complete, please return to your Windows and download the Google Apps package. Although the actual AMIDuOS system can run without GAPPs, without it you will not get access to the Google Play Store,

4. Launch AMIDuOS

When you launch AMIDuOS, you will be greeted with a standard Android loading screen and then a lockscreen. That means the Android OS system on your laptop is already running.

5. Run Google Apps to AMIDuOS

Add Google Play Store to your installed AMIDuOS. How to do it is quite easy, you just have to open the Google Apps file, then right click, then select ‘Apply to DuOS’. After success, AMIDuOS will automatically restart on the laptop or PC that you installed the Android OS on.

6. Finally, run the Android app

First you need to log in to your Google account, that’s for sure for all Androids. So first make sure you have a google account, if not? just create Gmail, the way to make it is also very easy. Well, congratulations! If all of the above steps on how to install Android for a laptop are successful, all you have to do is go to the Google Play Store to find the coolest games or apps that are great for you.