How to Get Free Permanent Skin on TikTok Treats MLBB 2022

TikTok Treats MLBB – TikTok Treats Mobile Legends is the latest event in collaboration with Mobile Legends or ML with TikTok.

The TikTok Treats MLBB event is the latest collaboration event after Mobile Legends was officially purchased by the TikTok company, ByteDance.

At the TikTok Treats Mobile Legends event, you can get permanent STUN, Epic, and Special skins for free.

Immediately join the TikTok Treats Mobile legends event to get a free permanent Mobile Legends skin.

Tiktok Treats Mobile Legends 2022 Event

TikTok Treats Mobile Legends is an event on TikTok that can be participated by TikTok users who also play Mobile Legends games.

The TikTok Treats Mobile Legends event starts from June 18, 2022 to June 28, 2022.

In TikTok Treats mobile legends you can collect points to get free skins. The following is a list of prizes that you can get at TikTok Treats Mobile Legends 2022:

  • Skin Brody STUN
  • Selena STUN’s Skin
  • Skin Chou STUN
  • Nana Mecha Baby’s Epic Skin
  • Hanabi Venom Epic Skin
  • Skin Epic Ling Dragon Tamer
  • Special Skin Alice Divine Owl
  • Chou Furious Tiger’s Special Skin
  • Miya Suzuhime’s Special Skin
  • Double BP Cards, Tickets, Trial Cards, etc

How to Get Free Skins on TikTok Treats MLBB

How to join the TikTok Treats mobile legends event is very easy. Here’s how to take part in the TikTok Treats Mobile Legends Bang Bang event:

  1. Open TikTok, click menu Find and type Mobile Legends in the search.
  2. Then click the banner TikTok Treats with MLBB that appears at the top.
  3. Collect as many points as possible on TikTok Treats MLBB, the points you have collected can later be exchanged for skins or other prizes.
  4. To get points, you can invite friends by pressing the button Invite Herethen share the TikTok invite to social media.
  5. For new users, you can also enter someone else’s invitation code in the provided field. You can enter the invitation code Fbe92A4wZcl to get 5,000 TikTok Treats points.
  6. If you want to get more points, then you can press the button Get Extra Points. There will be missions that you can complete to get extra points in TikTok Treats Mobile Legends.
  7. To exchange points, all you have to do is press the button Swap Now to get free permanent skins from TikTok Treats.

That’s how to complete the TikTok Treats MLBB event to get a free permanent skin. Immediately follow this TikTok Treats event before the event ends and the prize quota runs out.