How to Fix Keyboard Not Working

How to Check a Broken Laptop Keyboard

It must be very annoying when suddenly the laptop keyboard does not work at all or is damaged, especially when we are typing to do your most important task. Sometimes the crash can be due to a software or hardware problem, it may need a little repair and can be fixed. If you fail and can’t type, maybe one of them is to buy a USB keyboard for a while. And here are some tricks on how to restore a laptop keyboard that doesn’t work from Teknodeals

For each brand itself, it often has its own characteristics, usually as follows, the stupid laptop keyboard problem that often occurs in certain brands:

  • Sony vaio laptop keyboard not working
  • Sony vaio laptop keyboard locked
  • lenovo laptop keyboard not working
  • Lenovo laptop keyboard locked
  • lenovo laptop keyboard error
  • HP laptop keyboard not working
  • Laptop keyboard must press fn
  • Dell laptop keyboard not working
  • Dell laptop keyboard error
  • compaq laptop keyboard not working
  • Asus laptop keyboard error
  • broken acer laptop keyboard
  • Weird laptop keyboard
  • There is a laptop keyboard that doesn’t work

Likewise for laptop brands and other types, so experienced repairmen are usually quicker to repair, because they already know what to do. And before I start typing, start repairing a damaged laptop keyboard, it’s a good idea for you to know how to detect a damaged laptop keyboard so that you know for sure, it needs to be replaced or it can be repaired. Here are the most common types of damage (but the info is pretty much the same and pretty much the same, to be more specific in your detection):

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  • Laptop keyboard partially not working
  • Wrong laptop keyboard
  • Laptop keyboard malfunctioning
  • Laptop keyboard often doesn’t work
  • Laptop keyboard often presses itself
  • Partially broken laptop keyboard
  • Laptop keyboard damaged by water
  • Laptop keyboard is broken due to virus
  • Replacement laptop keyboard
  • Replace key laptop keyboard
  • Keep pressing the laptop keyboard
  • Broken laptop keyboard
  • Laptop keyboard out of line
  • Laptop keyboard o so 6
  • Crazy laptop keyboard
  • Random laptop keyboard
  • Laptop keyboard typing by yourself
  • Self-pressing laptop keyboard
  • The laptop keyboard is electrocuting
  • Laptop keyboard on
  • Laptop keyboard not responding
  • Laptop keyboard pressing and holding
  • Laptop keyboard stuck
  • Laptop keyboard is dead
  • Laptop keyboard on
  • Laptop keyboard pressing and holding
  • All laptop keyboards are dead
  • laptop keyboard m so 0
  • Totally dead laptop keyboard
  • Self-typing laptop keyboard
  • Laptop keyboard pressing itself
  • Loose laptop keyboard
  • Laptop keyboard slow
  • sticky laptop keyboard
  • Laptop keyboard is slow to respond
  • Slow laptop keyboard
  • Laptop keyboard hit by water
  • laptop keyboard lock
  • Short-circuited laptop keyboard
  • Laptop keyboard out numbers
  • Laptop keyboard messed up
  • The laptop keyboard pushes itself
  • Hard laptop keyboard
  • laptop keyboard sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t
  • laptop keyboard sometimes not working
  • laptop keyboard into numbers
  • laptop keyboard running alone
  • laptop keyboard is getting weird
  • laptop keyboard is messed up
  • laptop keyboard to piano
  • Laptop keyboard is so stupid
  • Laptop keyboard is locked
  • Laptop keyboard is not responding
  • Laptop keyboard is not typing
  • Laptop keyboard letters to numbers
  • Laptop keyboard hangs
  • Laptop keyboard must press fn
  • Laptop keyboard not working
  • Laptop keyboard can’t type
  • Laptop keyboard not working
  • Laptop keyboard can’t be pressed
  • The laptop keyboard doesn’t work at all
  • Laptop keyboard can’t type
  • Laptop keyboard error letters into numbers
  • Windows 7 error laptop keyboard
  • Laptop keyboard error due to virus
  • Partial error laptop keyboard
  • Laptop keyboard error hit by water
  • Laptop keyboard pressed sound
  • Laptop keyboard dislodged
  • Many laptop keyboards don’t work
  • Laptop keyboard problem fn
  • Laptop keyboard some keys not working
  • Laptop keyboard problem
  • Laptop keyboard turns into numbers
  • Laptop keyboard some letters not working
  • Laptop keyboard beeps
  • Laptop keyboard changes function
  • Laptop keyboard turns into numbers
  • There’s a laptop keyboard that doesn’t work
  • Weird laptop keyboard
  • Laptop keyboard not working
  • Laptop keyboard can’t type
  • Short-circuited laptop keyboard

How to Fix a Broken Laptop Keyboard Not Working

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If you experience this kind of thing, you only need a way to restore the laptop keyboard to its original state. Then what should you do when this crazy? Ok! here’s an easy way to do the repair yourself, and the hardest part is if you can’t open it. 😀

1. Clean small dirt

If some of the keys on your keyboard don’t work, while others are fine, then there’s a chance that small debris is blocking the keys on your keyboard.

This can happen, for example, when you eat while working and the food crumbs you eat fall on your laptop keyboard.

To fix this, the easiest thing to do is tilt the laptop at an angle of about 75 degrees and gently shake your laptop to get rid of the dirt.

And check all the buttons and see if the laptop buttons are functional or not. If not, please blow the wind on your keyboard keys, it can be done to clean the dirt that is in between.

2. Restarting the Laptop

If none of them work, there’s a good chance that your software or keyboard driver is faulty. So how to fix the laptop keyboard partially doesn’t work, try restarting it

If you can still turn off the laptop from the Start button in the normal way, you can turn off your laptop. However, if that is not possible, you can try pressing the power button for 5 seconds (maximum 15 seconds) to forcefully turn off your laptop. Then try to turn it on and check again.

Turning off the laptop is often a stupid keyboard repair solution, etc.

3. Restore the system

If your laptop keyboard stops working after you install a new application or change the laptop configuration, you should do a laptop system restore.

The step, click the Start button, then click Control Panel. After that, click ‘Back up your computer’ under the ‘System and Security’ heading. Then click “Recover system settings or your computer”, then click ‘Open System Restore’.

After that, just follow a few simple steps to restore an error laptop. After a successful system restore, reboot the laptop. If the trigger for the problem on your keyboard is on the system, if the way to repair the keyboard is successful, it should be able to work again.

4. Fix keyboard driver

A keyboard that doesn’t work properly can also be caused by an up-to-date keyboard driver or your keyboard driver being interrupted by another program. To be sure, you can check whether your keyboard driver is running best or not in the ‘Device Manager’.

Device Manager can be opened from ‘Control Panel’. The next step click ‘System and Security’. Then click ‘Device Manager’ under the ‘System’ heading. In this Device Manager you will find drivers for all the hardware in your laptop.

After that click ‘keyboard’ and you will find your error laptop keyboard driver. If there is or find a yellow triangle with an exclamation signal, then your keyboard driver has a problem. The solution, you can visit your laptop manufacturer’s website to find the latest drivers you need for your laptop.

5. Take it to a Professional Laptop Service

If the four steps above fail, so you should take your laptop to a professional. Especially if your laptop warranty is still valid.

However, if your laptop warranty has expired, the best decision is to take your laptop to a professional service center, to avoid other problems that you don’t want. There is a possibility that the malfunction that caused the damage is in the cable on your laptop which is generally a broken carbon cable which can be repaired once detected.

For keyboard repairs that don’t work like this, generally the service center will not attract too high a fee.

6. Put alternative keyboard

In a state of pressing, for a moment you can use a keyboard with a USB port. It looks like it’s going to be uncomfortable. But the success of this step can be guaranteed almost 100%.

Then if you are really in a very pressing condition to type short words, for example a username and password to connect an e-mail address right away you can use the virtual keyboard on your laptop screen.

To activate it please click the Start button and then click ‘All Programs’. Then click ‘Accessories’ and click ‘Ease of Access’. After that click ‘On-Screen Keyboard’ to start using this virtual keyboard.

The method above is only part of the solution, but hopefully there is no other way to fix a broken keyboard. If you are not sure about the cause of the keyboard not working and what you will do after the damage is detected, it’s a good idea to immediately submit the problem to a repairman, or at least a friend who can handle it.