How to Create a VK Account (VKontakte) for Free Fire and Mobile Legends on Android Without an Application

How how to create a VK account (VKontakte) for Garena Free Fire and Mobile Legends on Android without an application? If you’re questioning the same thing, you can find the answer as well as a tutorial on that question through the Thebeatstatseats article you’re currently visiting.

Before going further in the tutorial on creating a VK account, do you know what a VK account is and what is its relationship and use for the Garena Free Fire and Mobile Legends games?

VK (VKontakte) is one of the largest social media from Russia which was launched in 2006 by a company called Mail.Ru Group. Just like other social media, VK also allows you to be able to send messages (chat)share statuses, create and join groups, publish pages, and more.

Then, what does VK have to do with Free Fire (FF) or Mobile Legends (ML)? To protect your Free Fire or Mobile Legends game account from being lost due to forgetting or something else, it is very important that you link the game account to your social media. VK (VKontakte) is one of the social media that you can use to link the two game accounts. Read: How to download free fire on pc

You can use one VK account to link more than one game account on line. Therefore, the tutorial for creating a VK account for Free Fire by creating a VK account for Mobile Legends has the same steps, and the only difference may be during the account linking process.

How to Create a VK Account on Android

To register a VK Garena Free Fire or Mobile Legends account on Android, you can do this in two ways, either through the VKontakte application by installing it first on the Google Play Store or you can also create a VK account without an application by visiting the official website. Read: How to download free fire mod apk

To create a VK account on Android without an application, visit the official VK site using the Chrome browser then click List after the site page opens.

Garena vk list

Fill in your first name and last name (surname) followed by date of birth and gender or gender then click Carry on.

fill in profile information

Make sure you’re not a robot by passing captcha first.

make sure it's not a robot

You will be on the menu Account Validation. Now, select the country of Indonesia, enter your active mobile number by changing the number 0 in front of it to +62, check the approval box, and click Send Code.

account validation

There will be a problem that you have to enter the full mobile number in international format even though you have entered it correctly.

account validation problem

How to solve the VK account validation, enable desktop site display in Chrome, change the URL part of be just vk.comthen reload, refreshor reload the validation page.

enable desktop view
how to solve vk account validation

Select and re-enter your country and mobile number that is still active as in the previous account validation process.

return account validation

You will not experience account validation problems again, the number you entered previously will be contacted by VKontakte. Write down the last 4 digits of the number that called you then click Confirmation.

enter 4 digit vk number

Enter password (password) which you want to use to log in later. Use a variety of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters to get a strong, easy-to-remember password. For example: Example password52_

create password

Registration and creation of a VK account was successful. Click Carry on to fill in personal information and data.

vk account registration successful

Select the country and name of the city you live in, followed by the name of the university, faculty, degree, and so on. After that, click Carry on.

complete personal data

Enter your email address then click Carry on. How to create a VK account with email (VK register with email) This is very important to restore your profile if one day you forget, cannot be accessed, or experience other problems.

register vk with email

Enter password (password) that you created in the previous VK account registration process for confirmation.

action confirmation

How to create a VK account on Android is complete. Last to do loginenter the mobile number and password you used during the registration process.

vk account login

If you are still confused about creating a VK account above, you can see the video of creating a VK account below.

That’s the tutorial this time about how how to create a VK account (VKontakte) to link Free Fire and Mobile Legends games on Android. Are there any questions? If there is, please leave it in the comments column below. That is all and thank you.