Free Codashop 2022 Diamond Bug, Proven Exist

Free Codashop Diamond Bug – Codashop is one of the largest trusted top up game service providers. So, many gamers are doing top up through this Codahsop.

For those of you who play Mobile Legends, PUBG, Free Fire, and other games, you can easily top up diamonds at Codashop.

In Codahsop there is also a bug where you can buy lots of diamonds or UC at a low price.

Curious about the Codahsop bug? Check out this discussion to find out how to use the Codashop bug so you can top up diamonds at low prices.

Codashop Diamond and UC bugs

This bug is a bug where you can increase the number of diamonds or UC that you buy in Codashop.

Even if you increase the number of diamonds or UC purchased, the price you get will still be cheap.

To be able to use this Codashop Bug, then you need an application called HTML Website.

You can easily download this HTML Website application through the Google Play Store.

The following is a download link for the codashop HTML bug Website Inspector – View & Edit Website HTML.

How to Bug Codashop Diamond & UC Cheap

You can use this bug to top up all the games on Codashop.

FF Bug, Mobile Legends Bug, PUBG Bug, and CODM Bugs are the same way to use them.

You can follow these steps to enable Codashop Top Up Bug:

  1. Install app HTML Website on.
  2. Open the HTML Website application, then you can enter of this Website HTML application.
  3. Choose the top up with the amount you want, for example, you buy 5 diamonds in Mobile Legends.
  4. Click the black index finger button, click the button until it turns yellow.
  5. Find the words 5 Diamonds, then change the words 5 Diamonds to the number of diamonds you want. For example 4003 Diamonds.
  6. Return to the top up menu, then the 5 Diamonds button will change to 4003 Diamonds.
  7. Click the 4003 Diamonds button to top up lots of diamonds at low prices.

That’s how to take advantage of the top up bug in Codashop.

Report this Bug to Codashop

However, you can report this bug to codashop to fix it.

Who knows, there will be an award for you as a bug inventor or a bug bounty in Codashop.

That’s how to activate the Top Up Bug. That’s all we can say about this bug, hopefully it’s useful!