Easy Ways to Make Simple Android Games For Beginners

In this article, the admin will share an easy way to make your own simple game for beginners. In addition to how to make android games, the admin will also share a few stories about the world of programmers, especially regarding gaming.

Everyone needs entertainment to get rid of boredom after doing various activities. One good way to get rid of boredom is to play games on Android phones, especially if you know how to make a game, then you play the result of your own making. Now there are so many games for Android phones from tips, simulators etc. But when it comes to Admin himself, the coolest game to use as a saturation buster is the latest game of tips.

The argument for knowing how to make your own Android game, even if it’s simple
Indonesia is one of the countries with the most Android users in the world. Just think about it, for users of the opera mini application on Android phones alone, there are more than 30 million, then how many users of Android applications other than opera mini? And of course the total number of Internet users is far more than 30 million. And this is certainly a special opportunity for developers of cool Android games and apps.

Ok, let’s continue the story first before on how to make the game. Out of tens of millions of Android users in Indonesia, 43% of users download games for their devices. The results of this study were released by Mobo Market, a store selling Android applications made by Baidu. Let’s just say there are 30 million android users in Indonesia, 43 percentage means almost 13 million android users who like to play games on their devices. Huge market for several android game makers.

You might be one of those people who want to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in making the best android games for their cellphones or their favorite gaming laptops. The next question also appears. With what application we can make android games? Now let’s go straight to the article How to Easily Make a Simple Android Game for Beginners using game maker tools and applications.

Construct 2

Construct 2 is one of the game tools that is quite popular with its drag-and-drop technique where we don’t need to have programming experience at first. This game tool is an HTML-5 based game editor that is fast and easy to learn for beginners, so Construct 2 is a great choice for people who are new to the world of game development and want to make their first game.

Construct 2 has 3 types of licenses for their products, Free Edition, Personal License, and Business License. Details about the differences between the three types of licenses can be seen here. For the first time, you can try using the Free Edition which already has features that are quite complete to make cool interactive games. But if you want to be more serious about improving the best game, you can buy a personal license for Rp. 1. 559. 900.

Construct 2 has the motto Build Once, Publish Everywhere. In accordance with their motto, once you make a game with Construct 2 you can launch the android game 14 games for other devices:

Website (HTML5) | Wii U | iOS | Windows 8 | Windows Phone 8 | Windows Desktop | Mac Desktops | Linux | Desktops | Blackberry 10 | Firefox Marketplace | Tizen | Facebook | Chrome Site Store | Amazon | Appstore


Not wanting to lose to its rival Contruct 2, GameSalad is also a game tool that targets users who do not have experience programming and using a drag-and-drop system. GameSalad is quite widely used with over 750,000 developers and 200,000 games already released.

One of the favorite features of GameSalad users is its Monetization. This feature allows us as game developers to optimize revenue through the best games using ads or In-App Purchases.

The simple games we make with GameSalad can be released to iOS, Android, Tizen, Mac, Windows 8, and Websites (HTML5). GameSalad provides a free version for general users and a PRO for $299 per year.

Game Maker

Similar to its two rivals Contruct 2 and GameSalad, GameMaker also uses a drag-and-drop system. GameMaker shines even more because one of the best selling games was made with this game tool, Hotline Miami.

Game Maker has standard or professional versions. But unfortunately the standard version is very limited in its features so if you want more complete features you have to buy GameMaker professional for $99. 99 (at the time of writing there was a 50% discount). But this software is capable enough to learn to make simple games yourself.


Cocos2d-x is a game tool that is slightly different from the first three game tools. In Cocos2d-x users are required to have the best programming experience in C++, Lua, or JavaScript. Games made with Cocos2d-x are not random games. Contra: Evolution and Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny are examples of two games that are very popular among Android gamers.

Cocos2d-x is an open source product so you can use all the features of cocos2d-x as much as you like at any time without being charged. Games made with Cocos2d-x can be released on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, HTML5, Windows, BlackBerry, and Websites.


Unity is not only popular among developers to learn to make android games, but also on PC and various consoles such as PS4, XBOX One, and Wii U. Many of the top games were made with Unity such as Crossy Road and Monument Valley: Forgotten Shores.

Unity has a free full version that you can download on their official website Unity3d. com. The complete list of tools that drive games built with Unity is as follows:

iOS| Android | Windows 8 | Blackberry | Windows Phone 8 | Windows Store Apps | Mac | Linux | Site | Oculus Rift | PS3 | PS4 | PSVITA | PlayStation Mobile | XBOX One | XBOX 360 | Wii U

Changes in the IT world in Indonesia in recent years. The latter is increasing rapidly, so is the need for games for children’s learning facilities or just for entertainment. With the rapid changes in the IT world in Indonesia, the demand for talent in this field is always increasing. So there is nothing wrong if you want to learn more about how to make a simple game, which can then be turned into a profitable hobby. However, it is indeed not easy to find expert programmers who have free time to share easy ways to make Android games.

Tips for Becoming a Successful Gaming Programmer

A Guide to Becoming a Successful Programmer for a Company Or Making Your Own Advanced Android Game

Programmers who want to learn, especially learn some new things because the more skills they have, the more they are looking for.

Loyal, there are many programmers who only work briefly in one company with the aim of chasing high wages, but their knowledge is minimal.

An Android game programmer must have the best attitude within themselves, many companies hire a programmer with great skills but not supported with the best attitude which in the end the company decides to eliminate the sophisticated programmer, and sometimes they also like the programmer. game maker who is learning but has good potential and attitude.

A programmer must be able to communicate with the best not just with his computer. In general, how to make a game in a company work in a team, chances are bad will happen if there is no good communication between team members, unless you are working for yourself.

In addition to good communication with the team, professional programmers will also be better if supported by being able to communicate in English because many companies from abroad employ professional foreign programmers, as well as you will find it easier to learn tutorials on How to Make Your Own Simple Android Game more easily. perfect.