Earnator Com FF Diamond Earning Site, ML & PayPal Balance

Earnator Com – Earnator com or sometimes referred to as Ernator is a money making site.

Apart from being used to make money, Earnator com can be used to generate Free Fire diamonds, Mobile Legends, UC PUBG, and others.

Interested in this Earnator com site? Check out the full discussion this time to find out more about the FF diamond-producing Ernator.

Who knows, by listening to this discussion, you can get FF diamonds for free.

What is Earnator Com?

The Earnator site is a site where you can complete missions to get prizes in the form of FF diamonds, Mobile Legends, PUBG, PayPal balance, and others.

The missions given are very diverse, there are missions to complete surveys, complete quizzes, or install applications.

You can complete all missions to get lots of points from Earnator.

The points you earn from the Earnator Com site can be withdrawn into Free Fire diamonds, Mobile Legends, PUBG, or PayPal balance. (Also Read: Ruok999 Macro Apk)

How to Register Earnator Com

To be able to get money or diamonds for free from Ernator, you must register first. Here’s how to register Ernator com:

  1. Open the browser and go to the site https://earnator.com/
  2. Press the button Registerenter the name, email address, and password for your account.
  3. Tick I Agree with terms and conditionsthen click Register.
  4. Registration is complete, you will go directly to dashboard.

How to Use Earnator Com

How to use Earnator to get Free Fire diamonds is not difficult. You can also use this Earnator site to make money, then withdraw the money through the Play Store.

How to use the FF money and diamond earning site:

  1. Entered into Dashboardthen click menu Earn Points.
  2. In the Earn from offersyou can click on one of the offers that have been provided.
  3. There will be many missions that you can complete, click the mission you want to complete.
  4. Complete the mission according to the instructions given, if the mission is completed then you will receive the promised points.

How to Claim Diamond Free Fire in Earnator

After collecting a lot of points, you can exchange these points into FF diamonds, Mobile Legends diamonds, PUBG, or money.

Here’s how to redeem points in Earnator:

  1. Click menu Claim Prizesthen click the Free Fire game icon.
  2. Choose the number of Free Fire diamonds you want, the bigger the diamond, the more points you have to exchange.
  3. After that, just enter your Free Fire account details.
  4. After the withdrawal is complete, check the diamonds in your Free Fire account.

The Truth About FF Earners

Information about Earnator.com is still very minimal. So that it will be difficult for us to find testimonial information for those who have used this site. Therefore we need to try it ourselves as a means of proving this FF diamond-producing Earnator site.

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The final word

That’s how to generate free Free Fire diamonds from the Earnator.com site, I hope this information about diamond-producing generators is useful for you.