Yuffie Final Fantasy VII Remake, What's the Game Like?

The PlayStation has surprisingly announced at its last event about the latest Final Fantasy franchise for PS 5. Yes, they intend to line up Yuffie Final Fantasy VII Remake as the main character. Of course, this is very different from the PS 4 version which immediately makes Cloud Strife the main play.

In addition, the visual graphics that will appear are also guaranteed to be more real and attractive on the next-gen engine. Considering, this game will get fast loading, performance can be up to 60 fps and play it on a 4K screen such as playing it with PS 5. Unfortunately, this game from Square Enix as the publisher will still be a game that will only be exclusive to the PlayStation.

The plan, this game will be released in early June. Interested in knowing the details, you can also check the trailer of this game on Youtube. Considering, there are already lots of trailers for the game that you can watch. In fact, you will find a trailer that will compare the visuals of the game for the PS 4 and PS 5 versions.

In addition, there are lots of foreign Youtubers who have reviewed the trailer. Of course, this game will be the most awaited game of the year.

Yuffie Final Fantasy VII Remake PS5? What will the remake be like this time?

For the PS 5 version later, Yuffie itself will be located in Midgard. Of course, the location will be familiar because it is often the starting place that was previously used for several of these game franchises before.

From the first trailer we watched, the whereabouts of Shinra Strife is still unclear after losing the duel with Sephiroth. Maybe, this game will be a continuation or maybe it will be ‘Episode 2’ from the previous story.

Given, there is another timeline that says Zack Fair has succeeded in defeating the troops from Shinra and mentions Sephiroth as the main threat.

For Yuffie herself, this character is a female ninja where she and her group called the Avalanche Group will search for Cloud’s whereabouts and that’s after he will meet Tifa Lockhart. Apart from that, we believe this game will make you satisfied with the missions and other bosses for you to conquer.

Of course, the story for the latest version of the game will get quite a lot of additions than before.

Unfortunately, for now you have to be patient again to be able to buy and play it because this game has not been released yet. In addition, you will get a free upgrade for the PS 4 version if you already have it.

However, for games with the Yuffie Final Fantasy VII Remake story as the main character, you have to buy it again. Of course, it will be different from gamers who are already using PS 5 as a game console later.

Obviously, the presence of this game will be a medicine in itself for lovers of this fighting genre game, Japanese RPG and role playing. Moreover, for children born in the 90s who witnessed the early release of the first series for PlayStation in 1997.

However, the beginning of this game actually appeared in 1987 when Famicom (Nintendo Family Computer) was the first console to release it. However, with the development of technology that continues to be offered by PlayStation.

As a result, Final Fantasy was finally officially an exclusive game because it continued to be physically released (CD/DVD) for the latest version. How? Are you interested in buying and playing this game when it’s released?

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