Yi Sun Shin Mobile Legends, What's In This Hero?

It can be said, Yi Sun Shin Mobile Legends is a marksman/assassin hero who is currently on the rise. The proof is that the hero who rides a ship carrying arrows with a sword is pretty much chosen during the prestigious MPL Season 7 event in the first week yesterday.

Of course, the existence of this hero is quite crucial because of its ability to be said to be ‘mapping’ (seeing the position of the opponent’s presence). In addition, it will have a fairly large level of damage when the late game or all the items are finished.

Apart from that, this marksman hero actually only got a revamp in June last year. Where, the appearance and capabilities have been changed. Even so, his prestige at that time was still not visible. In fact, in several other events held by MOONTON before.

Know Yi Sun Shin’s Complete Ability in Mobile Legends

For more details about its capabilities, we will also discuss this below.

Ability Passive Heavenly Vow

This hero chooses Longbow or Glaive to attack according to his distance from the target. After each change of his weapon the next two attacks will be strengthened. The first attack will deal 70-100 percent critical damage. The next attack will deal 55-70 percent critical damage and give it 20 percent fast motion for about 1 second. Each amplified attack will reduce the cd of traceless by about 1 second.

Base one team changed to Naval Fleet. Every 180 seconds or after respawn. A turtle ship will appear at the team’s own base. This hero can ride one of them and get 60 percent fast movement which has the potential to decrease to 21 percent after 6 seconds and strengthen Traceless.

First Skills: Traceless

This hero slashes forward with his glaive dealing 150 (+40 percent overall physical attack) physical damage. He will have immunity with cc effect when running for about 1 second.

Second Skill: Blood Floods

No Charge: This hero attacks with his sword, dealing 240 (+80 percent overall physical attack) physical damage.

Charge: This hero will fire his powerful arrow weapon forward, dealing 240 (+80 percent overall physical attack) physical damage to the target. This damage will decrease along with the number of enemies that will be hit by the arrow and cannot be reduced to below 40 percent. Fast motion will be reduced by about 20 percent when charging.

This hero immediately gains Weapon Mastery when using this ability.

Ultimate: Mountain Shocker

Passive: Increases Heavenly Voe damage by about 10/5 percent.

Active: This hero commands Naval Fleet to inflict three waves of Cannon Attack on all enemy heroes. Each wave deals 150 percent (+50 percent physical attack) physical damage. (When the opponent is hit by several waves, a maximum of 150 percent of damage will be obtained by the enemy.) In addition, the effect of these waves will also make the enemy will be affected by a slow effect of about 20 percent for about 2 seconds.

It can be said, using Yi Sun Shin Mobile Legends will be difficult. Remembering, these hero users will become easy targets for the opponent’s main core heroes, such as not being good at escaping and placing positions.

In addition, the main strength of this hero actually lies in his passive. For that, you also have to be smart to remember all his abilities. However, using this hero will allow users to occupy lane gold or be given a special place to continue to worry, such as being the team’s main core hero.

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For example, you are interested in using and don’t have the hero yet. So, you can buy it in the shop. For the price, this hero is confirmed to be 32,000 gold/599 diamonds.

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