Yahoo Japan and LINE officially merge into one company

Softbank, a telecommunications and media company in Japan, has officially announced that it will be merging with Yahoo Japan (YahooJapan, now changed its name to Z Holdings) with NAVER’s Line Corp.

The move was taken by SoftBank following their plan to face a number of their competitors. Quote from Nikki, The merger is planned to be completed in October 2021. Later, SoftBank and Naver will each hold a 50% stake in the company holding company that latest.

The two companies themselves hope to position Yahoo Japan’s portal, LINE App, and their other business lines to compete with competitors from the United States and China.

Quoted from TechCrunch, SoftBank said in its announcement, “On the Internet, overseas companies, especially those based in the United States and China are very dominant, and even when we compare operational sizes, there are big differences between such overseas companies and those in other Asian countries. , apart from China.”

SoftBank and Naver itself are planned to hold a collaboration after the merger is complete. They, with the merger between Yahoo Japan and LINE and accompanied by this collaboration, were able to develop even better services, one of which includes Artificial Intelligence or AI.

LINE itself is an instant messaging application developed by LINE Corporation and is available on various platforms platform as smartphones, tablets, to computers. The use of LINE itself uses the internet network completely.

LINE can be used to make calls, chat, group chat, until voice notes. This application made by NHN Corporation from Japan is an application that is popular in a number of Asian countries. Starting from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and even Indonesia.

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