Xiaomi Launches Redmi Note 10 and 10 Pro in Indonesia

On Tuesday (30/3), smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi finally launched two of its newest products in the Redmi series line, namely Redmi Note 10 and Redmi Note 10 Pro. This smartphone product variant has a significant difference.

These two products were introduced with the jargon ‘Jawaranya AMOLED’ by Xiaomi because they have different features from other Xiaomi production phones, and can even be considered revolutionary. The reason is, these two smart phones are equipped with various features that break the standard mid-range as well as using various technologies introduced for the first time in Indonesia.

Product details of Redmi Note 10

The first smartphone in the Note 10 series from Xiaomi is the Redmi Note 10. The Redmi Note 10 is the first smartphone in Indonesia to use 108 MP camera technology, the sharpness of the AMOLED DotDisplay screen with 6.43 inches, and the speed of chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 678.

During the launch, the Redmi Note 10 was said to have a fairly large battery capacity of 5,000 mAh, as well as 33W charging. This allows the device to be used throughout the day, even during periods of heavy use.

Chipset The Quallcom Snapdragon 678 built into the Redmi Note 10 also enhances the gaming experience and camera performance while maintaining battery efficiency. Snapdragon 678 uses Octa-core Kryo 460 CPU technology with a clock speed of 2.2 GHz. Chipset This is also supported by the Spectra 250 L image signal processor technology so that it can support the use of triple camera technology up to 48 MP resolution.

Presents 4 main cameras with various features

In terms of cameras, the Redmi Note 10 is equipped with a 13 MP camera on the front and four rear cameras or Quad-cameras. The four rear cameras consist of a 48 MP main lens, an 8 MP ultra-wide angle lens, an 8 MP macro lens, and a 2 MP depth camera. If users want to record videos with the Redmi Note 10, there are various interesting features that can be utilized. This smart phone is also supported by mode slow motion, night mode, and two features time-lapse latest, that is time-lapse pro and regular time-lapse.

Redmi Note 10 comes with an elegant and practical design, because there is a fingerprint scanner on the side which will make it easier for users to access the smartphone. This phone is also protected with Corning Gorilla Glass on the front, so users don’t have to worry about their phone being scratched easily. Redmi Note 10 is available in three color variants, namely Onyx Grey, Pebble White, and Lake Green.

Pro variant, suitable for gamers and streamer

Meanwhile, the Redmi Note 10 Pro which is predicted to be the best product in this product series has a 120 Hz AMOLED screen and measures 6.67 inches. Redmi Note 10 Pro is also equipped with a 108 MP camera and Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G processor speed. Not only that, Redmi Note 10 has speaker dual that gives users a better experience when listening to music or playing games, such as Genshin Impact.

The Redmi Note 10 Pro has a larger battery capacity than the regular variant, which is 5,020 mAh, and is accompanied by a fairly fast charging of 33W. Users can also be relieved when using this smart phone, because the Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G processor in it also offers high performance and low battery consumption. This makes Redmi Note 10 Pro an option for those of you who like to play games or play games stream.

The 6.67-inch AMOLED screen which is the advantage of the Redmi Note 10 Pro is not only wide, but also presents a sharper, energy-efficient, and responsive color composition. This is also a blessing from touch sampling rate Redmi Note 10 Pro with 240 Hz.

Meanwhile, the 108 MP camera in the Redmi Note 10 Pro will certainly provide a very different mobile photography experience with 9-in-1 binning and Dual Native ISO technology. Some of the advantages that users get with this feature are more detailed photos, a wider dynamic range, and offering a variety of image editing modes.

Feature Night Mode 2.0 supported by the RAW algorithm can allow users to capture sharp photos even in low light or low light conditions. Xiaomi has succeeded in bringing the power of a 108 MP camera into its newest product in Indonesia, specifically the Redmi Series, which is a mid-range smartphone.

Redmi Note 10 Pro can also be used to take quality videos. This smartphone comes with time-lapse pro and time-lapse tele macro modes. Other features in this phone include Photo Clones, Video Clones, Dual Video, and Long Exposure.

This phone is also equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 to avoid scratches on the front. The elegant design comes with a fingerprint scanner available on the side. The Redmi Note 10 Pro will be available in three different colors, namely Onyx Gray, Glacier Blue, and Gradient Bronze.

A revolution in the smartphone sphere from Xiaomi

Responding to the launch of two smartphones Redmi Note 10 and Redmi Note 10 Pro, Alvin Tse as Country Director of Xiaomi Indonesia said that the two latest smartphones in the Redmi Series present the latest innovations.

“We are proud to be able to present the first Redmi Note series with AMOLED screen technology and a 108 MP camera, which makes it a suitable choice for Mi Fans in Indonesia for the mid-range class,” said Alvin.

Alvin also said that the Redmi Note 10 and Redmi Note 10 Pro could be the best choices for the Indonesian people. “The AMOLED displays in these two smartphones are the best in their class,” he said at a press conference held on Tuesday (30/3) afternoon.

Will be sold in the range of 2.3 million Rupiah


In the Redmi Note 10 and Redmi Note 10 Pro launch event held on the channel YouTube Xiaomi Indonesia, for the first time, the prices of the two smartphones were announced. Redmi Note 10 is sold at an initial price of Rp. 2,399.000,00. Meanwhile, the Redmi Note 10 Pro can be purchased starting from IDR 3,490,000.00 for 6 GB RAM capacity, and IDR 3,890,000.00 for 8 GB RAM capacity.

The Redmi Note 10 series will be sold in Indonesia starting on April 6, 2021. NawaReaders You can buy these two phones at selected stores and online shops, such as Lazada, Erafone, Mi Shop (the official store for Xiaomi products in Indonesia), and others.

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