Wow! It turns out that Sony Releases a Wi-Fi Router Modem Similar to Plash Speed, you know!

Still remember a video from South Korea that parodied game console Sony’s Playstation 4 becomes Flash Speed or abbreviated PS? This company has just released their newest product in the form of a Wi-Fi Router modem which is very similar to PS.

Sony Releases Similar Modem Wi-Fi Router Flash Speed

Sony Internet Operator So-net Entertainment Dedicated Router reminds us of the parody video Playstation 4 being a modem Wi-Fi Router from South Korea with the name Flash Speed or abbreviated PS. Just look at the shape of the design, it’s very similar to the design PS made by internet people, right?

Sony Releases Advanced Tools ONU Integrated Service Router

Sony releases a powerful tool ONU Integrated Service Router named Sony Internet Operator So-net Entertainment Dedicated Router (NSD-G1000T). This tool is a multi-function tool, where one of the functions is a device tool Home-Gateway or home security devices. In addition it has features such as LAN, Wi-Fi LAN and Bluetooth. The following are the specifications and functions of this tool:

Flash Speed, Playstation 4 Parody Cuteness

Flash Speed or PS is a short animated video from South Korea belonging to the Youtube channel . The Playstation 4 parody video has gone viral and has more than 5.8 million views viewers. Then a Facebook page called Wayne Industries posted aupload replay the video with English subtitles. The video got more than 34,000 likes and over 48,000 share. After that many people tried to redesign the PS4 to be Flash Speed.

Parody Videos PS tells of a man who wants to replace his Wi-Fi Router with a Playstation 4 Pro without his wife knowing. In the video, a man can be seen working with a “technician” to make his wife believe that the Playstation 4 Pro installed is a Wi-Fi Router named Flash Speed. And in the end the husband was caught because a small child was excited to see his PS4 Pro.

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