Wow! Fate/Grand Order Game App Has Been Revoked from QooApp!

Today, QooApp announced that the game Fate/Grand Order (FGO) has been removed from app store-his. This happened after the party developer FGO introduces a new policy in its external market strategy. QooApp itself also apologizes for the inconvenience caused by this decision.

So, what are the other reasons behind the deletion of the game Fate/Grand Order which is already popular from QooApp? Let’s see the full report.

Fate/Grand Order Revoked from QooApp Related to Latest Market Policy

fate/grand order qooapp

Through QooApp official website, his party informed that as of today the FGO game has been officially removed from the app store. The reason behind this revocation is because of the latest policy regarding the marketing strategy of developer FGO. This latest policy encourages QooApp to be forced to withdraw the game from the game app store-his.

Whereas FGO players, especially in Indonesia, have depended on QooApp to download and access the game. Now with the new policy, players are becoming increasingly difficult to access FGO games. This policy has taken effect today. Fate/Grand Order officially removed from QooApp.

Other Alternatives to Download Fate/Grand Order

fate/grand order apkpure

For those of you who haven’t downloaded FGO from QooApp, don’t worry. Nawareaders can still download this game through an app store like APKPure or TapTap. However, APKPure is one of our best recommendations because of its fast and affordable service. The withdrawal of FGO from QooApp hopefully not the end of everything.

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QooApp is an app store or rather a mobile game portal and other applications that smell like otaku. Founded in 2021, QooApp has become a favorite destination for gamers otaku. Especially those looking for games smartphone from Japan which is not released globally.

QooApp is one of the destinations for downloading games like Azur Lane CN and JP servers, Fate/Grand Order, and others. QooApp was founded in Korea and now serves its customers in different languages, including English. Besides games, QooApp also provides other interesting Japanese applications.

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