Wow! EA Gives Free Game Upgrades For Next Generation Consoles!

EA confirm upgrade free for current-generation console games. This means that the console games that they will release in the future will be able toupgrade for free to play on next-generation consoles.

EA Prepare Upgrades Free Their Games

Reported from GamesRadar, This was conveyed by COO Electronics Art Blake Jorgensen to shareholders and the media at an earnings meeting. It is not clear at this time whether the program upgrade EA this is included in the program Xbox smart delivery owned by Microsoft or EA’s own exclusive program. As of now, the confirmed next generation consoles are Xbox Series X and Playstation 5.

What’s that Microsoft Smart Delivery?

ea free upgrade xbox series x games

Microsoft Smart Delivery is a program of Microsoft with the aim of “one purchase only”. In short, if you buy a game that supports smart delivery, you will get the game for free for all versions Xbox.

For example, if you buy a game Hello Infinity for Xbox One current generation, then you can get the game Hello Infinity with the latest graphics for console Xbox Series X next generation. Microsoft committed to making all titles proprietary Xbox Game Studio, including Hello Infinity, to support features smart delivery.

Microsoft also provides technology smart delivery for all developer and publisher who want to support this program. So far, CD Project Red and Ubisoft have confirmed their participation. Cyberpunk 2077 and Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla will support features smart delivery for Xbox.

With this program officially provided by Microsoft, there will be pressure for developer and publisher who still want to keep selling the same game over and over again. Let’s hope that all developers will support this feature, can save a lot huh?

No news from Playstation 5?

ea free upgrades

So far, new Microsoft which provides technology for developer so that gamer only need to buy 1 game to get all the console versions. To date, Sony still no news Playstation 5 will support features similar to smart delivery this or not.

Of course a lot gamer who hopes that Sony will also support this consumer-friendly feature. In past generations, Sony managed to win sales”console war” and pressing Xbox with various consumer-friendly features.

Sony, with Playstation 4 hers managed to make Xbox release its DRM limitations. One example is letting gamers lend their physical games to friends without the need to re-purchase the game.

If only EA could provide a free upgrade, let’s hope Sony also provide this program for Playstation 5 yes!

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