Worried about Coronavirus, Kojima Productions Cancels Coming to GDC

The Game Developers Conference 2021 event in San Francisco, United States is planned to be attended by various game developers from all over the country. But apparently, due to the coronavirus that has spread in various countries, a number of developers including Kojima Productions announced the game company’s absence from the show.

Kojima Productions Announces Cancellation

hideo kojima death stranding kojima productions
Death Stranding, the first game by Kojima Productions after Hideo Kojima’s departure from Konami

Quote from Gematsu, the game company created by Hideo Kojima issued the following statement:

“Kojima Pro. has made the difficult decision to cancel our participation at the 2021 Game Developers Conference due to increasing concerns related to novel coronavirus. Although much-anticipated, unfortunately this cancellation also includes Hideo Kojima’s session on the 19th and Eric Johnson’s session on the 16th.”

“Kojima Productions has made the tough decision to cancel our participation in the Game Developers Conference 2021 due to growing concerns regarding the novel-coronavirus. Although this event was highly anticipated, unfortunately the cancellation also includes canceling the discussion sessions with Eric Johnson on the 16th, and Hideo Kojima on the 19th.”

Sony Also Cancels Coming Due to Coronavirus

It’s not only the game company Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima that withdrew due to the Corona Virus. Company Sony Interactive Entertainment also canceled his attendance at the event.

This is the second cancellation that has been made by Sony, quoting from Gematsu, due to the Corona virus. SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) itself also pulled out of PAX East 2021.

“We think this is the best choice at a time when the situation related to the Corona virus and global travel restrictions are changing on a daily basis,” he said Sony Interactive Entertainment in his statement on the site Gamesindustry via Gematsu, “We are very disappointed with the cancellation of our participation, however, the health and safety of our workers globally is our concern. We look forward to participating in future GDC events.”

Corona Virus Disrupts Nintendo Switch Production

Coronavirus animal crossing nintendo switch

In addition to having an impact on Hideo Kojima’s company, the current Corona virus has also affected the distribution of the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo’s official website has announced a statement regarding the impact of this Corona virus on them.

Nintendo reports that production and delivery of the Nintendo Switch console and other components, such as the Joy Con and accessories, will experience delays. Not only that, game set Ring Fit Adventure in Japan at this time is also experiencing a shortage of stock.

Nintendo has not announced whether the disruption will also affect the region (region) other than Japan. On the other hand, Nintendo also decided the opening date pre order The Nintendo Switch special edition Animal Crossing console for the Japanese market has been pushed back to an undetermined date.

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