What is Health in FF? Meaning and How to Get it in the Free Fire Game

For gamers friends who have been playing Free Fire for a long time, of course, they are familiar with what health is in FF and how to get it. But for those of you gamers who are new, maybe you don’t know it yet.

Therefore, in this article I will share information about the meaning of Health in Free Fire and how to get it. For more details, let’s see the following review.

Meaning of Health in Free Fire

what is health in FF

So that you can better understand what health is in FF, first you need to know the meaning of the word health itself. As is known, the word health is an English vocabulary which means ‘health’. From this it can be seen that the health in Free Fire is related to the health of the FF character being played.

But because this is related to the Free Fire game, you have to see what it means based on the terms you want in the battle royale game. It turns out that in FF there is the term HP (Health Point / Hit Power) which shows an indicator of the life of the character being played.

The extent to which the FF characters played can survive, can be seen from the HP they have. If HP runs out, then the character will die. Therefore, the greater the HP you have, the greater the potential to survive.

On the other hand, if you have a small amount of HP, the potential to survive will be even less. In fact, it could even be that with just one shot using a weapon that has great damage, the FF game character being played immediately dies.

How to Keep HP Always Full?

After you know what health is in FF and the importance of having maximum health points, the next question is how to keep your health points (HP) full? The answer is to use the items available in Free Fire.

In the Free Fire game, there are 3 items that you can use to increase your HP. The three items are as follows:


Consuming mushrooms in the FF game is one way that you can do to increase your HP. There are two types of mushrooms in this game, both of which provide different levels of HP gain. The two types of mushrooms are yellow mushrooms and red mushrooms. If you want additional HP in larger quantities, just consume red mushrooms.


The use of medkit is also one way to add HP that you can do. This item is in the form of a box, which you can get when looting in buildings or other places. After finding it, my friend can immediately use it to increase the reduced HP.

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The bonfire is also one of the items that increase HP you can buy before doing battle. By using a bonfire, my friend can immediately increase the HP that is starting to decrease.

The final word

Thus information about the meaning of the word health and how to get it. Now my friend is no longer confused when you want to add HP that is reduced when playing Free Fire. Hope it is useful.

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