What does Karbitan FF mean? Let's find out the meaning and explanation here

Currently, a term appears among FF gamers which is quite curious to know what it means. The term is ‘Karbitan FF’. Of course, gamers friends are also curious to know the meaning of karbitan FF, right? Well, this article will review the term.

The origin of the use of the word karbitan is actually meant for something that is forced to be done instantly or forced to happen prematurely. This meaning refers to the origin of the word carbide itself which comes from a chemical called Calcium Carbide.

Calcium Carbide is used to ripen fruit to ripen quickly. So the ripening process of the fruit that is ripened with these chemicals is not running according to the ripening it should, or in other terms it ripens instantly.

Meaning of Karbitan FF

The meaning of karbitan FF actually refers to karbitan fans. The point is the instantaneous appearance of fans or fans who suddenly appear and like certain esports teams in the ongoing Free Fire game competition.

The appearance of these karbitan fans is sometimes surprising, because suddenly these fans become fanatics and hard-line fans in a state that they don’t really know the ins and outs of the esports team they love.

Because it is instant, of course fans like this are only seasonal. In addition, FF fans tend to look at the victories achieved by the esports team they love. If the team he loves and defends wins, then he will be loyal. But if you lose, immediately turn 180 degrees so hate.

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Is it wrong to be a Karbitan fan?

Actually, there’s nothing wrong with being a sudden fan for a certain esports team. Everyone has the right to suddenly like or love the team they want. It’s just that the nature of this karbitan fan makes many people blaspheme.

The reason is, karbitan fans will usually suddenly like a certain team and are very hard on it. Unfortunately, when the team he loved and liked lost, he suddenly turned to hate and even insult and demean the theme.

If the karbitan fans turn to hate or dislike a certain team, then that is their right. But if the dislike is accompanied by insults, insults, ridicule and others, then this is not a good thing.

After all, winning and losing in a match is a natural thing. All parties involved, both match participants and fans should be tolerant of this as long as the match takes place in a healthy manner without cheating.

True fans will always support the team they like, whether they are winning or losing. He will also always try to keep the atmosphere conducive and avoid war with other esports fans.

So fellow gamers, that’s the meaning of FF karbitan. After knowing the meaning, of course my friend already understands the bad things about being a fan like this.

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