WATCH OUT! Latest Lucky Spin FF Danger lurks

Free Fire players, it seems that you have to be more aware of what various applications or websites have to offer, because now there are many spin sites that offer 99999 diamonds and also items for free, and the latest one is

Previously we have discussed two similar sites, namely and other spin sites which are very disturbing and both of these sites are scams or trick FF players into logging in using FB and VK accounts to get the promised prizes.

Site What is

After we visited the page, this site is still the same as the Spin FF site which offers the convenience of getting unlimited diamonds and free items, all the displays and templates used look the same which seems to be managed by the same person.

The page presents a spin form with a variety of prize choices that will be randomized at random, of course the prizes presented are very interesting, especially if you really want it.

How the Spin FF Event FF 2021 Site Works

Judging from the website page, this site has the same way of working as the spin website which was previously blocked due to alleged fraud.

The templates used are very similar so we suspect this is managed by the same person to attract the attention of FF players who want to get items and diamonds practically.

When you click Spin Star, the spin cursor will move randomly and select visitors for diamond prizes or FF items. then visitors are presented with a pop-up display to claim the prize.

Lucky Spin Free Fire

If you click Take Prize, visitors will be presented with a login button using Facebook or a VK account. This method is very similar to the previously blocked Spin FF website.

CAUTION Don’t Trust the Lucky SPIN Free Fire Site

From various lucky spin sites that are the latest and always appear with the same look and pattern and require you to log in to your FB or VK account. Of course you have to be careful and don’t be tempted by the gift offers that are offered.

To get real prizes, you must follow the official Garena Free Fire account on FB and Twitter because official events are only available on official social media, not on fake websites. So please be careful because your account could be taken over.

The final word

This latest Lucky Spin FF web indicates that Spin FF is still in demand and will always be available with a different domain name.

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