Watch out! Hackers Take Advantage of COVID-19 News to Hack Your Computer!

Amid the panic of the people, hacker take advantage of news about COVID-19 or Corona Virus to hack computers with a small level of security. The motive is to offer download link with additional applications about the WHO made Coronavirus on a hacked website.

Hackers Take advantage of public panic to commit criminal acts

COVID-19 hackers

With the increasing number of cases of Coronavirus, not a few are also taking advantage of the chaos to take more advantage. Starting from hoarding the price of masks to spreading fake news to spread panic. However, this is actually used by the hacker to hack computers around the world.

As reported by, para hacker take advantage of that opportunity to hack computers with weak security levels.

Victims of hacking under the guise of this COVID-19 application continued to grow from February to March. Most victims receive link with frills official application from WHO. As a result, many of the victim’s personal data were stolen and leaked.

News of COVID-19 Used as Media to Enter Malware

COVID-19 hackers

according to BitDefender, software anti-malware, hacker using the news of COVID-19 to lure its victims. Priority news is Hoax such as the dwindling amount of basic commodities and the very inaccurate news of the spread of COVID-19.

Hackers hack security router forcibly to get the address DNS that news. After logging in, hacker will slip a link into the website the. Link it has been armed with malware which was later disguised as a download link application smartphone.

If the victim accesses the link, then malware will automatically spread to the victim’s computer in seconds. To avoid malware the, BitDefender advise users to frequentlyrouter firmware update used.

Offer Fake Download Links with WHO Official App Frills

Hackers COVID-19 Corona Virus

To lure the victim to open link the, hacker provides additional applications regarding COVID-19 or the official WHO Corona Virus. Link it is the entrance for hacker to hack the victim’s computer. Hackers usually use persuasive sentences to lure their victims.

WHO claims they have never made a similar application. Not a few are also easily fooled by this and become victims of hacking. Websites to watch out for are,,,, and because they are often targeted.

WHO urges not to be easily provoked by fake news about COVID-19 from website less reliable. BitDefender also recommend notdownload application via link unofficial mystery from WHO.

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