Using ML Cheats to Make the Newest Enemy Lag 2021 Can You Win?

Hi Friends, Android Mobile Legends 5v5 gaming fans, have you ever been cool in ranking with a smooth connection network suddenly lags and experienced defeat? It could just be because the cheats used by your opponent make your game lag.

Mobile Legends game is one of the online games on Android that has a lot of players, of course with its popularity it makes the game ecosystem always haunted by the presence of cheats, and the most popular cheat is to make enemy ML lag so it’s easy to beat.

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Cheat Makes the Latest Mobile Legends (ML) Lag Enemy 2021

To be able to use cheats to make enemies auto lag, you have to use some additional modification applications that are used to mess with your opponent so that you get an easy victory.

The application is called Auto Lag Mobile Legends, and this has been widely shared by ML YouTubers who have tried the cheats circulating in the game.

To be able to clearly find out the cheat, you can see in the video below.

The use of this cheat makes you look like a “PRO” because your opponent will feel a high PING in the game and make them lag and have difficulty in fighting.

How to Use Cheat ML Enemy Lag

To use this cheat, you need to find a cheat script application to use, and you also have to install a RAR application to extract the script.

  1. Download the ML Enemy Lag cheat script here and download the RAR App for Android.
  2. If you have downloaded all the ingredients, besides that, please use the RAR application to extract the premium auto lag enemy script. zip later there will be a MobaLogicAndroidRes.unity3rd script file, this will be used
  3. Move the script into the Internal/Android/Data/ folder
  4. If you have successfully moved it, the Mobile Legends auto lag cheat script is installed and open your Mobile Legends game.

The Risks of Using Cheat Auto Lag ML

Before you really try it, make sure you know what the risks are from using any cheats in the Mobile Legends game.

Just like other games that we have discussed is Free Fire. The use of cheats will be very dangerous for account security including theft of login access because they use additional applications to use them.

In addition, the use of cheats is also strictly prohibited by the developer so there is a risk of being permanently banned and even IP banned. So before deciding to use a cheat, make sure you know the risks.

The final word

The article Cheat ML makes enemies lag only as information that Car Legends players know, we don’t recommend you back it up because this is an illegal and risky method.

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