Use Cheat Apk Sensi Capa FF Auto Good at Playing Free Fire

It seems like it’s endless, gaming cheats do seem to continue to grow, especially since today’s mobile games are very diverse, we previously informed several free fire game cheats that are included in the Mod Apk, now we are adding new cheats still in the same game, namely Apk Sensi Capa FF.

Just like in other free fire cheat applications, this Sensi Capa FF APK also offers the ability to do auto headshots easily. Curious, here’s the review.

What is Sensi Capa FF Cheat?

Sensi Capa FF APK APK

Before trying to use it, my friend should first understand the ins and outs of this application including the risks that will be obtained.

Cheat Sensi Capa FF is one of the modified applications made by third parties to increase the sensitivity of the gameplay when playing the Garena Free Fire game. With a smartphone screen that is very sharp and sensitive, it allows you to get excellent control to shoot enemies and win the game.

What are the features of Sensi Capa FF?

Of course, the Sensi Capa FF application is no less crazy than the previous cheat application that we have discussed in other articles, now Sensi Capa itself also has crazy features which are as follows:

Surely you already know this feature right? this feature plays a role when my friend is shooting an enemy, my friend doesn’t need to bother directing the red dot to the head. By aiming anywhere, the enemy is shot in the head and instantly dies.

This unique feature is also presented to help players who often experience lag when playing free fire. With this feature, it allows the RAM on your cellphone to maximize Free Fire while the game is running.

  • Increase Screen sensitivity

This feature makes the screen sensitive. So when the war, my friend will be comfortable shooting the enemy.

Not only does it increase the sensitivity, but with the ultra-sensical feature, it allows extraordinary sensitivity, which makes players so smooth when shooting enemies and when running.

How to Install Sensi Capa FF?

If you have downloaded the Sensi Capa FF apk, you should first understand how to install this application:

  • First, you can download the Sensi Capa FF application (We will provide the link, while you can google the Sensi Capa FF Apk keyword
  • If so, you can select the application in the file manager then click install.
  • Well, later on your cellphone, a pop up will appear “Allow Installing Unknown Sources” , please, my friend, activate the feature. if you have trouble, you can see here > How to install an unknown APK
  • If so, please continue to install and my friend can wait until it’s finished
  • Done, my friend, please open the application.

How to Use Sensi Capa FF Apk?

If you have installed the Sensi Capa FF apk, you should first understand how to use this application. So that the method works and you are not mistaken, here are the steps you can follow:

  • First, please open and run the Sensi Capa FF apk.
  • If you have, a cheat feature menu will appear that you can set, here, my friend, please swipe to the right and create a full bar starting from Sensi 900x to Sensi 2300x.
  • Next, at this step my friend will be a little confused, because this cheat uses a foreign language, namely Spanish, now here you can also slide the Slider to the right in the Sensibilidade of Emulador, Sensibilidade of iPhone, Entrar Rapido No FF, Subir Capa 75%, Velocidade Nos Disparos, 99% Capa, Ultra Sensi, and others.
  • If you have, my friend can click to check or check the option “Throw Memories” and “Throw Cache“yes”
  • Well, my friend needs to pay attention, in the “Coloque Uma DPI”, my friend can fill with 1400.
  • Next, my friend can click the Slider to the right and please complete the “Geral” trash “Mira Termica”.
  • The last step, my friend just select the option “Abrir Free Fire” or open FF buddy!
  • Done, please, my friend, enjoy the gokil features.

What are the risks when using this cheat?

His name using cheats is definitely a risk and the most terrible thing is being permanently banned. But it seems that young people who are connoisseurs of cheats are now not afraid, aren’t they? So for those of you who are just starting out wanting to get into the vortex of the cheating world, you should first read the risks and what is a modified application.

The final word

Do you understand what the Sensi Capa FF Apk and the dangers you get, right? Hopefully this discussion will be your consideration when you want to use the gaming cheat application!

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