UK to Ban Loot Boxes in Games for Young Children

UK bans loot boxes – The game is definitely addictive. One of the hot issues in the game world today is the presence of loot box. Quote from Macmillan Dictionary, loot box defined as “in gaming, a kind of in-game purchase where players don’t know what is in a box until they have bought it“(the term (in)game, a kind of in-game purchase where players don’t know what’s in (a) box until they have bought it).

UK National Health Service (NHS) immediately act decisively to prevent signs of minors being introduced into the realm of gambling by prohibiting the sale of all forms loot box to minors.

UK NHS: To Protect Children’s Mental Health

Claire Murdoch, the NHS director of mental health argues “To be honest no company (gaming) engages children in addiction by ‘teaching’ them to gamble in content. loot box. Therefore, they should be prohibited from selling loot box with the element of opportunity and should just end the sale.”. He added that so that children’s mental health is maintained and can prevent them from various risks, the community is asked to get involved. While the NHS has made innovations in addressing youth mental health issues, they cannot tackle it alone.

Worries about loot box increasingly becomes when many minors play games with elements loot box, thus requiring them to spend a lot of money to obtain items or skin which is desired.

What are the Impacts and How to Handle them?

The results of an investigation from the NHS found various cases of minors deliberately spending their parents’ money without consent, related to addiction to buying loot box. One of them is a 15-year-old teenager who spent £1000 (about Rp 17.8 million) to buy the object at a basketball game.

Steps taken by Murdoch to various game companies related to loot box among others; prohibit the sale of games with these elements that make minors vulnerable to being introduced to the realm of gambling, introduce a more realistic and balanced concept of (in-game) purchases to prevent players from spending a lot of money, clarify the percentage of opportunities to get an item (items) to players before buying loot box, and provide support to parents regarding the adverse effects of in-game transactions (in-game purchases).

With regard to gaming addiction, the NHS has built 14 new gambling addiction clinics across the country as part of the NHS long term investment in mental health treatment of £2.3 billion over the next 5 years. .

Until Handled by the British Parliament

The UK gambling commission (The Gambling Commission) does not regulate loot box because there is a gap when classifying loot box as a form of gambling. According to their rules, this is because there is no official way to monetize what’s inside loot box become real goods.

A recent report from the UK Parliament said that loot box would be subject to local gambling regulations, resulting in a ban on sales loot box to minors. The report also orders the game industry to take responsibility for protecting consumers from harm, conduct independent research on the long-term effects of (addiction) games, and address serious issues related to the lack of effective systems to prevent minors from playing age-restricted games. .

is Loot Box Is Gacha?

In British action planning to ban lootboxes, may remind us of gacha which is better known to Japanese connoisseurs. The debate regarding whether the concept of loot box together with gacha still happening.

Citing various opinions found in the discussion forum Giant Bomb, some users find it difficult to find the difference between the loot box concept and gacha. Then there are those who argue that the loot box concept can be the same as gacha, as evidenced by the influence of the system gacha in the game made in Japan for the formation of the system loot box in the western game. Some even conclude that the two concepts are the same, but the difference lies in the “packaging”.

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