Turns out, there's a Gamelan-inspired song in Animal Crossing

The game Animal Crossing has recently become a favorite among the public during the COVID-19 pandemic, some even selling items to characters from the game online.

But did you know that there is a song inspired by traditional Javanese music, namely Gamelan in the game? Animal Crossing the?

KK Marathon, Javanese Song in Animal Crossing

Actually, song Animal Crossing which one is meant? The song is “KK Marathon“, which is a song by the character KK Slider. This song was composed by this Dog character known as Totakeke, and this song belongs only to Deli and Tia in in-game.

The song is inspired by Javanese Gamelan music. This music is made with musical instruments in the form of music box electronics i.e Vibraphone, and a drum.

The Characters Involved

Animal Crossing Gamelan
Cover Art from KK Marathon or KK Gamelan

In the gamelan song, there are a number of characters in the game Animal Crossing which is involved. For example in cover art In the song, there’s the Midge bird, Mapple the Cub bear, Moe the cat and KK Slider inside cover the.

Midge and Mapple wear traditional clothes that possibly combine Javanese and Balinese culture. Meanwhile, KK and Moe wear Balinese headbands.

Even though Midge and Mapple appeared in cover art KK Marathon or KK Gamelan songs (the name of the Japanese version of the song), their existence does not appear in the version e-Readers song Animal Crossing the. Madam Rosa and Carrot actually took their place in e-Reader cover that.

First Impression Animal Crossing New Horizons

10 Days with Animal Crossing

Apart from the features real-time, when you first play, your game progress will be limited by features time-gate. This means that you will not be able to do everything in this game in one day. A lot of content is restricted and will only appear on certain days as soon as you start playing.

In the first week of playing, you will spend a lot of your time carrying out tasks from Tom Nook the raccoon. Like tutorials In general games, most of the task is collecting resources and turn it into a building. Each building that you build will have a 1 day gap in the real world. That means, if you update a building today, it will be finished the next day.

10 Days with Animal Crossing

Over time, you will also be given various tools and features to explore or modify your island. Other residents will also start arriving to stay and fill the silence of the island.

You will reach the end point tutorials This is after playing for a while and starting to be given the freedom to choose the development you want to do yourself. You could say, this is where this game just started.

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