Trailer Releases, Natsume Reveals Details of Harvest Moon: One World

The newest game from Natsume, Harvest Moon: One World it was finally revealed clearly during the online New Game+ Expo on Tuesday (24/6). In the trailer that was shown at the event, the visuals and gameplay for the series is indicated.

Visual which is plain, gameplay generally

harvest moon one world
PHOTO: Natsume

In the trailer shown in New Game+ Expo, game Harvest Moon: One World have enough graphics plain compared to game Story of Season or Harvest Moon previously.

Even though it has pretty mediocre visuals, the game system is still similar to the game Harvest Moon previously where the player managed a farm in a village.

In the trailer, Natsume even gave a description “Game Footage Not Final” which indicates that the game is still in development until its release stage. So it’s not surprising that the visuals in the game still look a little stiff.

Harvest Moon: One World Coming to launch on Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch

The good news, game Harvest Moon this issue of Natsume will be launched on two game consoles at once, namely the Sony Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch. This ‘relaxing’ game can pamper fans of both consoles comfortably.

The game, which was developed with Rising Star Games, is planned to be released in a number of European and North American regions in the fall of 2021. Nintendo of Europe become a distributor in European countries.

‘Imagine a world without vegetables…’

harvest moon one world
PHOTO: Natsume

Game series Harvest Moon This time it will take us in a new perspective, where the player will be the only farmer in the village. Residents of unique villages, as well as very challenging adventures will decorate the game.

The players’ only ‘guide’, who takes on the role of a farmer in the game Harvest Moon this time, is an old book. Supported by a mysterious discovery, players will embark on a new adventure.

In addition to managing the farm, players will be able to explore not only their hometown, but also to a number of places. There are many things that can be explored by players in this game, but Natsume is currently not revealing in detail.

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