Top Squad Mobile Legend 2021, Is Your Idol Included?

Esports lovers in Indonesia should be proud of themselves following several teams from the country successfully entering the top squad of mobile legends 2021. It is very encouraging, because Evos and RRQ are in the top 5 positions in the world standings.

Known to have a very hot rivalry, especially in MPL Mobile Legends, Evos and RRQ have successfully entered the ranks of the best eSports teams according to Shareablee. The data shown by Shareablee, a data monitoring company headquartered in New York, USA, was taken based on the total ‘action’ of their fans on social media.

On their official website, Shareablee claims that they have tracked an index of over 170 major eSports team social media pages globally. The company collects fan actions for their main team pages on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, then ranks the teams based on the total actions they got for the month.

Top Squad Mobile Legend 2021

successfully become an eSports team that sits at the top of the world’s most popular team standings. The team that won 3 MPL Indonesia titles has 23.8 million viewers from 103 hours of videos that have been watched by their fans.

Then, the second position is occupied by Alter Ego. Those who some time ago successfully grabbed the MPL Invitational S2 trophy placed second with a total of 17.6 million viewers. Alter Ego brings more hours of video watched, which is 141 hours.

Evos Legends as the team that won the M1 World Championship and the leader of MPL in Season 4 is in 3rd place with a total of 16.3 million viewers from 98 hours watched.

The fourth place was filled by the top team of MPL S3, namely Onic Esports with a total of 14 million viewers and 92 hours of viewing.

Bigetron Alpha, who did not forget to be one of the strong teams from Indonesia, was in 5th position with .7 million viewers.

Next, Genflix Aerowolf and Geek Fam are in 6th and 7th position with a total audience of 8.9 million and 7.5 million, respectively. The 8th place was filled by Execration, Onic Esports PH, and Bren Esports, the three teams were teams from the Philippines. For Bren Esports itself, they have won the M2 World Championship title and successfully brought in 7.6 million viewers.

As additional information, last January, the FaZe Clan team, known as the CSGO team from the United States, successfully topped the list with 9.6 million viewers. Their total audience is also the largest, which is 17 million viewers.

On the other hand, Esports Charts was also quick to release data on the language most used by viewers at the Mobile Legends eSports World Cup, namely M2 World Championship.

The result is that most of the viewers are from Indonesia and several other ASEAN countries. As the audience base is so large, it makes sense that the most popular team in terms of audience size is dominated by Indonesia and a few others from the Philippines.

This indicates that eSports in the country and the professional team of Mobile Legends have a very large market.

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Well, that’s the review of the top squad of mobile legend 2021 in the world based on Shareablee. Which is your favorite eSports team, gamers?

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