Too Good To Use Cheat APK galaxy Macro FF

In addition to the Cheat Mod Apk types that we mentioned earlier, namely LuluBox, Bellara and Lucky Patch and many others that you can see here. We will again discuss one of the other Apk Mods.

The modified application that we will discuss this time is the Galaxy Macro FF Apk which is also a mainstay tool for gaming cheaters. So for that we will try to review it for you.

What is Galaxy Macro FF Cheat?

Galaxy Macro FF APKs

Based on what is circulating on the internet, the Galaxy Macro FF APK is claimed to be a cheat application that can be used for Samsung Galaxy phones that are already running the Android 7.0 operating system or higher.

What about other hp brands? You can try to install it because there are still some who can run it even though they use a brand other than Samsung cellphone.

This Galaxy Macro FF Apk functions as a Cheat FF which can also do headshots easily.

How to Use Galaxy Macro FF apk?

Well, you need to understand, that there are several steps that you have to do to apply the Galaxy Macro APK in the Freefire game. Calm down, we will explain how to use the galaxy macro apk in free fire below, here is the explanation:

  • First, please, my friend, you can download the galaxy macro FF application. (You can google it first or download it here)
  • Now if the application is already open, please give me access so that the application can auto clicker.
  • Here you can choose “Accessibility settings
  • Well, you need to pay attention, if later there are many choices or options, you can choose Auto Clicker by swiping the toggle button to ON yes until the color of the toggle is green or blue!
  • Here, my friend, please enter the Auto Clicker application.
  • If you have, please, my friend, select the button Multi-Target Start yes.
  • At this stage, my friend, please run the Free Fire game, and please select the Settings menu or settings.
  • Finally, you just need to set or set the buttons in the game.

Note: For setting the buttons, here you can add some shortcut keys for the auto headshot cheat. From the settings for pro gamers, they generally use the settings as below:

How to Setting the Galaxy Macro Button?

  • On the shutter button 1 becomes the Glue wall Button
  • On the aim button 2 becomes the Left Shoot Button
  • On the aim button 3 becomes the Squat Button

What does it mean? Well, the point here is that you can use the aiming button from 1-3 for shortcuts such as the glue wall button, shoot left and squat, so with the help of this cheat you can press the shortcut button. Meanwhile, to display the glue wall, you can directly press the play button. How? Easy isn’t it?

What are the risks when using this cheat?

His name using a cheat is definitely the most terrible risk is being permanently banned. But a true cheater will never be afraid to be rich. So for those of you who are just starting out wanting to get into the vortex of the cheating world, you should first read the risks and what is a modified application.

The final word

This Galaxy Macro FF Cheat APK information is only dedicated for informational purposes, we strongly discourage you from using this application in any game, because apart from harming the developer, it will also harm other players and damage the game’s ecosystem. So stay wise! Good luck! 😊

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