Tips for Playing Using Grock Mobile Legends

Grock is one of the top Tank meta heroes in the new season. There are also quite a number of Mobile Legends players who make this hero a favorite Tank to do Push Rank. But, for gamers friends who don’t know how to play using Grock Mobile Legends, it’s a good idea to listen to the following reviews.

Grock is a Tank hero who is often chosen, of course he is a pretty annoying Tank. Besides being able to kill opponents with his solo kill, Grock is also annoying and has a very thick cellphone. Well, try gamers should know about how to use Grock in Mobile Legends.

For Beginners, Here’s How to Play Grock Mobile Legends

If you use this one hero to the maximum, then you are able to carry your team while protecting your team from enemy attacks. Buddy gamers also need to pay attention to some of the tips given to you so that you can play Grock optimally.

Often Do Open Maps

Don’t just focus on protecting Core heroes, Grock Mobile Legends can open maps to keep an eye on the opponent’s movements. Open Map is useful so that teammates are not hit by enemy ganking. Thus, gamers friends can eliminate that risk.

In addition, with Open Maps, you can open a wide farming area, so that the team will excel in terms of gold.

Counter Skill Ultimate Opponent with Ultimate Grock

To be able to protect your team from your opponent’s ultimate, gamers can take advantage of Grock’s ultimate in order to thwart it. His ultimate skill can hit the enemy with a deadly ramming, and issue 300 [Physical Damage].

Don’t Carelessly Use Skill 2

Usually, the majority of Grock users will often spam using skill 2. However, you should know that skill 2 will be very helpful during team wars. Skill 2 you can use to block the opponent’s escape path, block the turret, and block the Lord’s pace.

Choose Execute If Playing Barbarian and Ageist If Protecting Team

The use of Spell Battle is very important for the game mode, friend gamers. Grock Mobile Legends with very high damage capable of paralyzing the opponent’s core hero using only one combo. Therefore, adjust the Spell Battle to your gameplay. If you want to be barbaric, use Execute, and if you want to be a pure Tank, use Ageis.

In addition to the two spells, gamers friends can also use Flicker and Sprint. Flick, of course, can avoid CC, then Spell Sprint so you can run away or chase your opponent when issuing skills.

Don’t be reckless!

The majority of Grock users often play it by rushing the opposing team, but don’t be too barbaric. When early game, Grock did not have a high ability to defend. This requires gamers to play smart. Use Skill 1 when going to attack the opponent, and return when with a cooldown state.

In addition, how to use Grock properly and correctly is that you have to hug yourself to the wall as often as possible so that he gets a shield or shield that can block the opponent’s attack. Buddy gamers must be able to use skills correctly, and position themselves with opponents. That way, you can attack them while keeping the team well at the same time.

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Those are the tips to play using Grock Mobile Legends efficiently and optimally. Indeed, Grock has a good movement speed, high durability and no kidding damage. Hope it is useful!

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