This is the Reason Why Monsters Don't Dare to Eat Ganyu Genshin Impact!

Who doesn’t know Ganyu? Beautiful, sweet and cute girl character from the game Genshin Impact from developer miHoYo this managed to attract the attention of the players or Traveler. Not only is his appearance attractive, Ganyu has an interesting ability to give damage to his enemies. Turns out in the world Genshin Impact, the big monster is afraid of Ganyu’s character figure doesn’t even dare to eat it!

Why didn’t those big monsters dare to eat Ganyu? Come on, let’s find out together!

This Is The Reason Why Monsters Don’t Dare To Eat Ganyu Genshin Impact

This information comes from the description of the story on the Ganyu character in Genshin Impact. On character description Story 5, A large monster once tried to eat Ganyu alive. It happened in the Archon War, an important event in the game Genshin Impact.

So how did Ganyu survive the huge monster? It turned out that when the monster tried to swallow Ganyu, he started choking in his throat to death. Not missing the opportunity, Ganyu immediately came out of the mouth of the big monster and finally survived.

After that incident, Ganyu thought the cause of the huge monster was choking while trying to swallow him. It turned out that the cause was how wide Ganyu’s waist was that it made the monster choke. From then on, Ganyu didn’t want to experience such a shameful experience for the rest of his life.

Characters Who Have Very Body THICC

Knowing this information, it is not surprising that the monsters that tried to eat Ganyu choked and eventually died. Just look at Ganyu’s character designs. From top to bottom, Ganyu has an all-round body THICC aka thick. You will definitely find a lot of artists drawing Ganyu characters very well THICC.

Genshin Impact Ganyu, Ganyu Genshin Impact

Ganyu Is One Of The Fragrant Characters In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Ganyu

Talking about Ganyu, she is one of the female characters who have a fragrant aroma in Genshin Impact. There is a hidden secret how Ganyu can have a fragrant aroma that is a favorite of the people Traveler. Curious about the secret that Ganyu can smell good? You can read more in our article here.

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