This is the PUBG Redeem Code List for April 14, 2021, Get Your Prize Immediately!

In this article, the admin will share a list of PUBG redeem codes for April 14, 2021, the latest update today. Actually, this redeem code update is specifically for the month of Ramadan, so the promised prizes are very interesting.

With attractive prizes that gamers will get when exchanging the redeem code, the PUBG characters that you play will be stronger and tougher. That way, you can dominate the ‘battle royale’ battle and survive as a winner.

Maybe gamers are curious and wonder what the prize is? The answer is of course premium items that you will get for free, as long as the code you exchange is still valid. Among the prizes that will be obtained include the latest characters, skins, weapons, and vehicles.

PUBG Redeem Code List 14 April 2021

So that gamers are not curious and wait too long, well below I will share the list of redeem codes:

  • RAMADAN MUBARAK (Duelist Set)
  • HAPPYRAMADAN (Jester Hero Set & Headgear)
  • RAMADANKAREEM (Combat Driver Set)
  • HAPPINESS (Underground Crew Set)

But because this redeem code is limited, gamers must immediately exchange it before it expires or the redemption quota is spent by other PUBG gamers.

PUBG Redeem Code List 1April 2021

In addition to exchanging the redeem code for today’s update, gamers can try to exchange the redeem code for April 2021, because it is very likely that there is still a valid code. Here’s a list of codes:

  • 5FG10D33
  • CBS8W8W
  • D70FYU5N0
  • UCBYSD600

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If you want to immediately exchange the redeem code but are still having trouble doing it, gamers just follow the steps that I will mention below:

  • Please first access the official PUBG page to exchange prizes at the url:
  • Next, log in to your PUBG account, all of you.
  • Then enter the redeem rod that you want to exchange.
  • Perform the requested verification.
  • Finished
  • Check out the prizes in the Inbox in the PUBG game.

Thus the list of PUBG redeem codes for April 14, 2021 that I can share in this article. Hopefully useful for friends who need it. If you have got the code, you just need to do the exchange as I mentioned above.

If the code is not valid, just try to redeem the codes one by one. Don’t give up, because it’s very likely that there are still some that are still valid from the list of codes I shared above.

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