This is the Leaked FF Incubator February 2021

Currently Free Fire gamers are shocked by the leaks about the February 2021 FF incubator. How not, this bundle is rumored to contain items that will add to the cool appearance of the Free Fire character you play.

The newest Free Fre incubator this time includes a bundle that will have an effect on the character’s body, not on the clothes they are wearing. Cool isn’t it?

You need to know that the incubator this time has the theme of Netherworld Troops which will have many versions. As with the previous incubator bundle, cooler effects and colors will be displayed in this version of the bundle. Wow, gamers friends certainly can’t wait to ‘peek’ the contents of the bundle, right?

Leaked Contents of the February 2021 FF Incubator Bundle

incubator FF February 2021

Alright, so that you don’t get attacked by curiosity, here’s the latest leak of the February 2021 FF incubator bundle this time.

1.Bundle Incubator Infernal Soldier

This bundle can be said to have the most complete and most stable effect. It’s not an exaggeration if we classify it as Tier S from the February 2021 Netherworld Troops Incubator Bundle. The visible effect is a very cool fire effect all over his body.

2.Bundle Incubator Shadow Soldier

In rank 2, you can find Bundle Shadow Soldier. The price is indeed cheaper than before, but make no mistake, the effect looks really cool. The appearance of this bundle is no less premium than the first bundle. The resulting effect is also very cool because it’s not the clothes that are affected but the body.

3.Bundle Incubator Glacier Soldier

At level 3 there is a Glacier Soldier. From the name, of course, my friend can already guess that the bundle is in the form of an Ice soldier. So, this time the incubator shows the effects of Fire, Ice, Electricity and so on. The effect is seen all over his body, not in the clothes he is wearing.

4.Incubator Venom Soldier Bundle

This February 2021 FF incubator bundle is the most economical bundle compared to the other three bundles. Called economical because the price offered to get it is very cheap. The contents of this bundle this time are Venom or poison warrior types. No wonder the effects displayed in this bundle are very cool.

What do you guys think about the presence of this latest bundle? Cool isn’t it? Moreover, the effect shown is visible on his whole body, not on the clothes or armor used.

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That’s the information about the leaked FF incubator for February 2021 this time. Of course, my friend can’t wait for the appearance of the February 2021 FF incubator, right? Just wait, it won’t take long because it will appear in February 2021 in the near future. So, just be patient and wait.

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