This is the Latest Genshin Impact Redeem Code

This time, we will provide a Genshin Impact redeem code that will help you as a free player. Of course, it will allow you to get primogems enough to collect and can be used to gacha during the event. Yes, this game is quite well known for its system.

On the other hand, action genre mobile games role-playing This is also fairly popular for now. The proof, this game made by MiHoYo has managed to occupy the top position for the ‘adventure’ category on the Play Store. In fact, there are already more than 10 million players who have played it.

However, the gacha system applied in Genshin Impact often makes the game only for the ‘sultans’. Because, they will be able to have many strong characters for their weapons and levels.

Redeem Genshin Impact Code Question What You Should Know

Apart from that, MiHoYo as the developer and publisher of this game has also updated the game version which has now become 1.4. Where, in this version you will get some new content offered and one of them is Windblume Festival.

Not only that, they have also shared this code for the players (both free players and sultans). Of course, this moment is very good for Genshin Impact to be able to attract more new players.

Therefore, we won’t be taking too long to share some of these codes for you to claim immediately. Bearing in mind, there are lots of interesting prizes (in particular, getting lots of primogems).

For this first code, you will get 100 primogems plus 50 thousand mora.

Next, this code will get you 100 primogems plus 5 hero’s wits.

While this code, you will get 100 primogems plus 10 mystic enhancement ores.

Then, this code gets you 100 primogems plus 10 times enhancement ores.

Not only that, there are three more codes that are now intended for players who are still actively playing and players who have just played Genshin Impact.

Unlike the four codes above, this code will get you 60 primogems plus 10 thousand mora.

Not much different from the previous code, this code will only make you reach 50 primogems plus 3 times hero’s wi.

Lastly, this code will get you 30 primogems plus 5 times adventures exp.

How to Redeem Code Genshin Impact

What you should pay attention to is that the above codes can be claimed when the character you are playing has reached level 10.

Remembering, after that you can go directly to this game website and log in using the account you use. Next, you can select the redeem menu and start entering the codes. After you have done this. Then, you can go back into the game and check all the prizes you get in the menu ‘mailbox‘.

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Obviously, the entire Genshin Impact redeem code will be quite profitable for free players in this game. Bearing in mind, some sultans who play this game will not do that because it is too complicated and they will also prefer more practical steps than that.

For example, you are curious and want to try it. So, you can immediately start all the steps that we have mentioned above.

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