This is the Gameplay Appearance of the Closed Beta Test of Nier Reincarnation

On March 29th, Square Enix announced its newest game entitled Nier Reincarnation. Games intended for smartphone it is now entering the stage closed beta test and the gameplay has spread all over the place. Of course this made the fans excited Nier franchise waiting for the game to arrive.

Game announcement Nier Reincarnation and Replicant is a form of celebration of the 10th anniversary Nier franchise. What is the gameplay like Nier Reincarnation is this? let’s look at the report.

Combining Gameplay Side-Scrolling and 3rd-Person RPG

Games Nier Reincarnation has now entered the stage closed beta test, whose tests were conducted in private. However, a few hours ago, some fans franchise it managed to get a gameplay view Nier Reincarnation. Of course this makes the fans draw Nier very excited, considering the game has been eagerly awaited.

The gameplay of the game seems to combine the concept of the game side scrolling and 3rd-person RPG. In fact, people almost think that this game is a game devoted to PCs or other gaming platforms. Not to forget the fighting action that is exciting and not inferior to other RPG games.

Fighting Mechanism Nier Reincarnation which is quite simple

Nier Reincarnation

Games Nier franchise certainly not complete without fighting action that is exciting and challenging. On game Nier Reincarnation In this case, the fighting mechanism is not much different from today’s modern RPG games. The mechanism uses action command, where the player can still control his character and attack the enemy.

Because the game is specifically for users smartphone, the mechanism is madesimple possible. This is done so that players have no difficulty when fighting with the enemies in the game. Even though this game is RPG themed, Yoko Taro, game writer Nier Reincarnation, think players might find this not an RPG game.

Nier Reincarnation, Game Released as a Form of Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Franchise

Nier Reincarnation

Game release Nier Reincarnation this is certainly not without reason. This game was released as a form of celebration Nier franchise the 10th to be released for smartphone. The game, written by Yoko Taro and Saito Yosuke, is said to be a game that focuses more on the main story.

Games smartphone this of course will be much different from the games smartphone others because it is rich in storylines. In addition, this game will also have microtransactions that are not too flashy, as well as gacha that resembles Puzzles & Dragons. This time, Nier Reincarnation has entered closed beta testt and will be released soon this year.

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