This is the Danger of Illegal FF Top Up that Gamers Need to Realize

The trigger for some gamers to top up illegal FF is none other than wanting to get diamonds for free. The price of diamonds which is quite draining for people who have limited funds often makes their eyes dark and ends up taking illegal means.

As FF gamers, of course you understand the importance of the diamond function as a means of payment in the game. By using diamonds, gamers friends can buy various premium items that will help strengthen the FF character you are playing. If your FF character is strong, of course getting booyah is not a difficult thing.

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Illegal FF Top Up Phenomenon

The phenomenon of illegal top ups by some gamers is indeed quite alarming. You see, illegal top ups are not lawful and inappropriate. However, Free Fire is just a game, so it’s inappropriate to trigger gamers to do that.

Besides being illegal, illegal top ups will endanger your Free Fire account. Of course, gamers, you don’t want an FF account that has been played for a long time and has made it to a certain achievement to be permanently banned for doing something illegal, right?

As gamers, you need to be smart and careful in your actions. Something that is not clear and the risk of loss should be avoided. Moreover, doing something illegal like that will definitely cause a feeling of unease and comfort in your heart. Therefore, leave the illegal top up act.

This is the Danger of Illegal FF Top Up that Needs to be Watched

Here are the dangers of illegal Free Fire top ups that gamers need to be aware of:

1.Diamond Withdrawn

When your diamond is detected as being purchased illegally, the application system will automatically withdraw everything without notification. Therefore, gamers shouldn’t be surprised if you don’t have the slightest damond, even if you bought it legally. So you lose, don’t you?

2.Heroes and Characters Removed

The worst possibility that will happen to your FF account when you do an illegal top up is the deletion of heroes and characters that you already have. The deletion is automatically carried out by the system which detects an illegal act that you have done.

When your favorite hero is deleted, you inevitably have to start over from the beginning. If that’s the case, of course, my friend will feel the loss, right?

3. Your FF account is frozen

This is the worst risk that can happen to you when you top up Illegal FF. Your account will be frozen by FF. Sometimes the freeze is short-term or over a period of time, and sometimes it’s permanent. If that’s the case, like it or not, you have to create a new FF account and start everything from scratch or from scratch. How, pal gamers want to experience this? Of course not! Therefore, avoid illegal top ups for whatever reason.

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