This is the Best Custom HUD FF for Easy Booyah

The Free Fire game with a variety of survival challenges in it has always succeeded in making gamers challenged to be the best and lazy when playing it. Therefore, various supporting facilities that make it easier to achieve booyah are trying to be realized.

These supporting factors are not only related to skills and various character support items in the Free Fire game, but also related to external factors, such as internet speed and smartphone button layout or what is often called HUD.

Yup, that’s right, the HUD is one of the important factors so gamers can play comfortably, smoothly, and easily to boot. Therefore a custom HUD FF that allows gamers to play smoothly is very important to do.

Important Points for Custom HUD FF to Pay Attention to

custom hud ff

1.The position of the button is easy to reach quickly

One of the important points in custom HUD FF is the arrangement of the button layout. In this case, try to position the most important buttons within finger reach.

The first thing to consider when composing a button layout is to position the important or frequently used buttons within finger reach. In the custom HUD view, you can see directly the horizontal and vertical red lines that stretch across the center of the screen.

The existence of the red line is very important, because my friend can do calculations and place the button positions that are most easily reached by fingers. In addition, don’t forget to take into account the screen size of the smartphone you are using.

Try to put the important keys in the position closest to the fingers. Therefore, stay away from the center of the screen or the vertical red line because its position is classified as very difficult to reach by fingers.

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2.Set Button Size

The important point in the next custom HUD FF is to set the button size. Because the size of the button plays an important role in increasing flexibility and efficiency when playing the Free Fire game.

If the button size is too small, it is likely that the button will miss your finger or not be touched when you focus on playing Free Fire. On the other hand, if it’s too big, it can interfere with other buttons, and even interfere with flexibility.

In setting the button size, try to adjust the size of the button so that it really fits the size of the smartphone screen and the size of your finger.

3. Adjust Button Transparency

The last point that is no less important to note in a custom HUD FF is to adjust the transparency of the button. This is very important so that your viewing distance when playing Free Fire is not disturbed.

In setting the transparency of the button, do not overdo it. On the one hand, buttons that are too conspicuous make your viewing distance narrow and disturbed. But on the other hand, buttons that are too transparent actually run the risk of being invisible when touched.

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