This is BEKRAF Game Prime 2021 Day 2 Rundown!

BEKRAF Game Prime 2021 has entered Day 2! The more games that are presented, and the more exciting the conditions at the Balai Kartini Venue today.

The biggest game industry event in Indonesia, BEKRAF Game Prime will return for its fourth event. Last year, BEKRAF Game Prime 2021 made a new history in the Indonesian game industry by attracting the interest of more than 16,000 visitors in three days of its implementation. This makes BEKRAF Game Prime 2021 not only the biggest game industry event in Indonesia, but also one of the top game industry events in the Southeast Asia region.

This year, once again the Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF) in collaboration with GGWP.ID and the Indonesian Game Association (AGI) is ready to make history again by holding BEKRAF Game Prime 2021. This year, BEKRAF Game Prime 2021 will be held for two days (13th and 13th). 14 July 2021) taking place at Balai Kartini, Jakarta with an exhibition concept ready to entertain tens of thousands of gamers from all over Indonesia.

For the first time, Nawala Karsa managed to interview Hari Santosa Sungkari as BEKRAF’s Deputy for Infrastructure. He mentioned that Game Prime is not only an event for consumers, but also for producers (in this case Game Developers) to promote local games. “And so that Indonesian consumers know that startup local games are alive,” he said, “so they are an inspiration for children to get involved in that field.”

“I also want to say that game is not just an entertainment, but also sports, business, and education,” he said.

In addition to meeting with BEKRAF representatives, we of course went around the venue looking for hidden gems which you should visit the next day. For example, as reported by Bimo reporter, there is also a Retro Arcade Game ready to enliven BEKRAF Game Prime 2021!

The retro consoles presented in this place are quite unique, RCGI adds that the SNES, Playstation Classic, and NES Classic are provided to be played for all visitors. This area is quite crowded so it’s hard to get playing time, so you have to come early enough to be able to play this.

The following is BEKRAF Game Prime Rundown 2021 Day 2 (Sunday)

For those of you who want to attend Game Prime 2021, let’s look at the following schedule. Schedule your arrival and come on time, OK! This event is free, there is no entry fee. So just go in and enjoy the show.

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