This Game Recommendation Similar to Free Fire Offline, Worth Trying Immediately

Now, the mobile game genre battle royale there are already quite a few scattered on the Play Store. However, we have similar game recommendations Free Fire offline. Considering that the game developed and published by Garena is quite popular for now because it has managed to occupy the top position in Indonesia Play Store, especially for the ‘bestsellers’ category.

Well, for gamers friends who want to find similar games but can be played offline. We will also provide some games that you can try to play now. Remembering, this will make it easier for you to play, such as being confused about not having an internet connection.

There Are Several Games Similar To Free Fire Offline, Gamers Can Try It

Fire Free Battleground Survival Hopeless Squad

Released on August 7, 2021, Fire Free Battleground Survival Hopeless Squad is a game that is actually similar to FF. However, this game will make you see a very big difference. Because, this game will make you do missions where in each location that you will complete will have a level that is certainly not the same.

For appearance, you will only hold a weapon and it will not be visible in the whole body of the player you are playing.

However, the initial size of the application download is also very small because it is only about 44 MB. Maybe, we will predict this game will be very light for your smartphone when you enter the game later. Unfortunately, the star rating of this game is quite low because it is only 3.5. However, Free Battleground Survival Hopeless Squad it has now been downloaded about a million times.

Squad Free Fire Legends: Battle Royale 3D

Games Similar to Free Fire Offline

Even though it’s actually been released for quite a while, to be precise on February 3, 2021. Squad Free Fire Legends: Battle Royale 3D can be an option for those of you who want to play almost the same game as FF offline. Reaching a 3.6 star rating on the Play Store, this game with an initial size of 86 MB has actually been downloaded more than 5 million times.

Of course, you can try this game if you are curious. As for the gameplay, it’s quite simple and certainly will not be much different from the first game that we described earlier. However, for the character you will play it will look quite clear.

In addition, there will be two menus such as ‘assault battle‘ contains 20 missions and ‘sniper battle‘ contains 10 missions that you must complete.

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Survival Battleground Free Fire: Battle Royale

Games Similar to Free Fire Offline

Can be said, Survival Battleground Free Fire: Battle Royale will be a game that has a fairly large resemblance to FF and PUBG Mobile. Remembering, this game will make you jump from an airplane and be dropped onto an island.

Where, you will be faced with 17 bots who will become residents on the island. Of course, you have to beat all the bots to win each game.

On the Play Store, this game has a star rating of 3.6. In addition, for the initial download size of the application is about 89 MB.

However, the three mobile games will not meet your expectations for the graphics offered. With a size that is not too large, all of these games are indeed quite suitable for smartphones that do not have high specs and want to play them without an internet connection.

To search for these three games, you can also write ‘free fire offline’ as the keyword when searching in the Play Store search field.

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