These are the 5 most selling console games on the Japanese market today!

Games console has become very popular lately among the people. In addition to the unique and exclusive games, there are also many fans from all of the fans.

Japan is also one of the epicenter games in Asia, where the number of players is not inferior to other countries. One of them is games console like PS4, Nintendo Switch and others.

On the market eShop Japan, games console become one of the most sought after goods by the public. As reported by Go Nintendo, here are 5 games console best seller in Japan. What games are they? Come on, let’s see together!

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 – PS4/Nintendo Switch

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 is one game action adventure beat’em up from Bandai Namco Entertainment for console PS4. This game tells the continuation of the previous game series. Complete with original characters from manga and anime series One Piece, this game offers graphics and a storyline that is very dear to miss.

With total sales of more than 76,000 copy, this game is ranked as the fifth best and best-selling game on the market eShop Japan. This game was previously released on PS4, but this time the game has also been released on consolee Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Sword & Shield – Nintendo Switch

In the fourth rank, there is a game Pokemon Sword & Shield for console Nintendo Switch. Tells about the Pokemon series with its wider open world system and many new and adorable monster variants. Besides, in this series there are many faces trainer very interesting new and you can fight to become trainer the best.

The game play system is not much different from the previous Pokemon game series and is easy to understand. Pokemon Sword & Shield already sold more than 96,000 copy In Japan. And until now, the game console It has become one of the most popular games in the world.

Nioh 2 – PS4

Nioh 2 is the latest PS4 game console from games Nioh previously released by Team Ninja. This game is prequel from story Nioh. Still the same as before, this gameaction role-playing genre has a gameplay mechanic that is not much different from games action RPG other.

Games console it promises experience action RPG which is very fantastic with graphics that are not inferior to RPG action games on other platforms. Sitting in 3rd place, this game has sold over 120,000 copyit’s in Japan.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX – Nintendo Switch

Again game series Pokemon enter the list of games console best seller in Japan. This time, the 2nd place was occupied by Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX.

The mechanics of this game are no different from the previous games, it’s just that here you will play as a monster Pokemon. Yep! This action RPG game requires you to control a monster Pokemon you have to form a rescue team.

Uniquely, this game is worked on using games engine Unity, games engine based open source aka free. This unique and adorable action RPG game has successfully sold over 218,000 in the market copyit was sold in Japan. This game is available on Nintendo Switch and has been played by many people around the world.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Nintendo Switch

And in first place is the game console Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This favorite game of all gamers in the world, especially in Japan, has been selling well and is even the best-selling in the market.

Game based social simulation it has everything para Animal Crossing fans wait. Cute characters, building a dream island, and of course the yellow dog Isabelle is the most awaited by fans.

Its unique gameplay is also one of the factors why this legendary game is still favored by gamers to this day. And the number of games sold is not playing, which is 2,600,000 copy best-selling and best-selling in Japan.

Well, that’s 5 games console best seller in Japan. Of the five games, which game would NawaReaders want to play?

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