These 5 Mysteries of Mobile Legends Haven't Been Revealed Until Now

Mobile Legends not only offers eye-catching visuals as well as various exciting features for gaming friends to play. Apparently, one of the most popular Moba games in Indonesia has several mysteries. Here are a series of Mobile Legends mysteries that have not been solved until now.

Well, for gaming friends who really like mystery, a collection of secrets that relate to the location to the characters in the following Mobile Legends are guaranteed to tap your curiosity while playing this game.

Here are some of the mysteries of Mobile Legends that have not been revealed

Rooney, Best Mechanic


Mobile Legends fans who often follow the journey of heroes such as Lolita, Bruno, to Harley may be familiar with a character named Rooney. This character is described as the best mechanic in the world Scholars of Eruditto who served to help some of the heroes above.

His job is to make a mechanical leg for Bruni who lost his leg while helping his partner. Then, Lolita also received assistance to rebuild her village which was destroyed by Rooney because of the war. However, until now no one knows about this mysterious figure named Rooney. This character was not planned to be a hero.

Jack, the Mysterious Person Alice is after

Jack Alice

You must remember Alice’s voice,”Do You Know Someone Named Jack?“Not even a single player has been able to reveal the secret.

Some of these Mobile Legends mystery theories have sprung up from players, some think that the Jack that Alice is looking for is Jack the Ripper, a legendary sadistic serial killer and the most wanted in London, England, and his whereabouts remain a mystery in the real world.

Another assumption is that Alice is targeting Jack to become an army of darkness or there are personal problems that have not been resolved.

Laboratory Status 1718

Laboratory Status 1718

For gaming friends who have known the Moba game universe for a long time, they are certainly very familiar with the location of the 1718 Laboratory. The mystery of Mobile Legends is because it is related to several half-robot heroes, namely Saber, Beta, and Alpha.

According to the story that emerged, Laboratory 1718 was the place where some mad scientist who was very obsessed with making deadly weapons passed flesh weapon. Next came the Beta, Alpha, and Saber heroes which were developed through variations of various races scattered around the world.

There are still quite a lot of scary and strange stories that are present in the 1718 Laboratory, but none of them have been confirmed to be true.

Real Name Beta and Alpha


Shortly after Saber left the Laboratory of 1718, Alpha was developed into further experiments with meteor rocks and human limbs to serve as bone skeletons. There is also Beta which is made into Alpha’s twin which is made into Flash Weapon.

Both of them also had the awareness of being human and then tried to escape from the Laboratory. Unfortunately, Beta did not survive while Alpha managed to escape with the help of Saber. Furthermore, thanks to the help of Rooney, Beta can be revived even though his figure is in the form of a small plane.

A voice then said if Alpha is not a name, but a code.

Verri’s Original Form

Verri's Original Form

The Askati people, from the story of Fasha/Pharsa, came from a group of crows who immediately became one of the oldest peoples to inhabit the Land of Dawn. The group of crows has the ability to fly to change its form with interesting shapes in the world of online games.

Due to his immense power, Pharsa went blind after expelling Alice from her residence. But, great love can make Verri willing to sacrifice in order to become an eye for Pharsa. That way, Pharsa can see normally again. Verri is known to be a white crow and is always on Pharsa’s shoulders, but no one knows what the animal’s real figure is.

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Well, that’s a review of 5 mysteries of Mobile Legends that have not been solved until now. It’s also interesting, did the developer intentionally leave it a secret forever?

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